Concentration camp survivor Thomas Blatt takes John Demjanjuk trial back in time

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Courtroom 101 took on the air of a macabre seance yesterday when the lights were dimmed and one of the last survivors of Sobibor concentration camp guided a stunned, often weeping audience back in time to the Holocaust.

His hand shaking, Thomas Blatt, 82, traced a pen along a map of the camp projected on to the wall of the court. In a corner, almost forgotten, was the figure of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk, 89, accused of being a Sobibor guard and complicit in 27,900 murders.

A baseball cap hid Mr Demjanjuk’s eyes; his mouth lolled open as he lay on his mobile sick bed, but he said nothing. His defence is that he never served in Sobibor but even if he had, he could not be proven to have been part of the Nazi killing machine.

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