Survey shows that British students think Dickens' Fagin is soccer player

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[A] survey suggested that nearly two in ten children thought Fagin played football for Manchester United rather than picked pockets in Dickens's Oliver Twist. And Moby Dick is, according to nearly half the children asked, a pop star not a man-eating whale.

The study asked 100 pupils, aged between eight and 10, some basic questions about children's literature, as well as asking 2,000 parents what stories they had read their children....

It found that 17 per cent of children thought Fagin was a member of the Manchester United squad, with 69 per cent answering correctly.

The survey was conducted by the supermarket chain Asda, which this week has started selling a collection of 20 children's classics, from Jane Eyre and Black Beauty to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Gruffalo at £3.

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