Winston Churchill cigar butt stubbed out in August 1941 up for sale

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A half-smoked cigar stubbed out by Sir Winston Churchill in the Second World War is expected to fetch £300 at auction.

The 4in long stub was left by the Prime Minister before he dashed off for a Cabinet meeting on August 22, 1941 - the day German troops reached Leningrad.

Whitehall valet Nellie Goble found it when cleaning and sent it to a friend, with a note on No10 paper reading: 'Just a small souvenir to remind you at some future date of one of the greatest men that ever lived in England.'

The friend gave it to her daughter - now a pensioner - who kept it at her home in Norfolk and is now selling it.
She said: 'It rarely came out of the drawer, so it seemed better to sell it to someone who will truly appreciate it.'
Andrew Bullock, from auctioneers Keys in Aylsham, said: 'It was rare for Churchill not to finish a cigar, so it must have been something very urgent in the Cabinet room.'

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