Oliver Stone suggests Hitler is 'easy scapegoat'

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Oliver Stone, the controversial film director, is facing another backlash after suggesting that Hitler was made an "easy scapegoat" by history.

Stone, who has previously been accused of promoting conspiracy theories and glorifying violence in his films, has made a new documentary series which he says will place historical figures including Hitler and Stalin "in context".

In the trailer for "The Secret History of America" the director says: "You cannot approach history unless you have empathy for the person you may hate."...

Stone said he did not want to make an "easy" history programme and talked about trying to understand people he despises. His series will aim to uncover little reported facts that shaped the modern United States.

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Christopher John Ward - 1/15/2010

This explains a great deal. Stone is a beneficiary of Pat Buchanan.

Hawley Stevens - 1/15/2010

Looking to Oliver Stone for the truth? Now there's an oxymoron to rival "miltary intelligence."

Jennifer Ilyssa Sims - 1/14/2010

Daily Telegraph:

Based on your article, it seems as if you have seen a trailer for this documentary by Oliver Stone. Is there any way you can share a link to the video? That would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.