Game Change: Latest Account of 2008 Campaign Full of Juicy Bits

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Just when you thought every stone had been unturned in the 2008 presidential race, a late-bloomer of a book comes along that dishes on just about everybody.

The book is written with confidence, describing the drama-packed scenes that filled the race with fly-on-the-wall precision -- though many of the sources are never identified and the bulk of the book is written with no attribution. According to the authors, the accounts were based on more than 300 interviews with more than 200 people over the course of more than a year. With those "deep background" interviews, the authors have provided a tapestry of accusations and juicy tidbits to, well, fill a book.

Except for Barack Obama, who in this and all campaign histories is ever the embodiment of cool, the major camps in the 2008 race come away from this book wounded, looking more like their public caricatures than ever. There's already been some collateral damage, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid having to apologize for a passage in which he said Obama does not have a "Negro dialect" unless he wants one.

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