Great Orpheus Roman mosaic replica up for sale (UK)

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A replica of a Roman pavement worth about £1m and currently on show at an abbey in Gloucestershire is for sale as it is not attracting enough visitors.

The original mosaic, the Great Orpheus Roman Pavement, was part of a floor of a Roman villa in Woodchester and is now buried in the village churchyard.

The real pavement, thought to date from AD 325, was last shown in 1973 and was seen by 140,000 people in 50 days.

It was decided not to unearth it again for its own protection.

The reconstruction took 10 years, using 1.6 million pieces of clay.

It was made by brothers Bob and John Woodward, who come from nearby Stroud, and was acclaimed by academics for its accuracy and beauty.

The replica is owned by entrepreneur Alex Lawless and was valued at £1m by the British Museum in 1988.

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