More Money for Auschwitz After Theft of Sign

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The Polish Cultural Ministry, in an effort to save face after the embarrassing theft eight days ago of the infamous “Arbeit macht frei” metal banner that hung over the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp, has said it will help pay for more security at the site.

Bogdan Zdrojewski, the culture minister, said late Wednesday that the government would contribute about $138,000 after a furor over the lack of security at the camp, which covers over 500 acres.

The thieves first tried to steal the 16-foot sign, whose message translates to “Work sets you free,” on the evening of Dec. 17. But after they discovered that they did not have the right tools, they left, only to return early the next morning, the police said.

Surveillance cameras at the site were not working properly, and no security personnel were patrolling that part of the site, officials said.

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