Adolf Hitler's war record among hundreds of thousands published online

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Adolf Hitler's war record is among hundreds of thousands of First World War documents to be published on an online archive. said the records detail the full military careers of 1.5 million Bavarian soldiers and were originally held by the Bavarian State Archives.

Individual records detail the name, rank, date and place of birth, service record, religion, occupation and other information.

Among the soldiers named are 25-year-old Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler, described as an artist, of Catholic religion. international content director Dan Jones said: ''As Germany becomes more comfortable with the idea of exploring its own military past - and in particular the First World War - it is important that no matter which side of the war our ancestors fought on, we all have the opportunity to remember them.

''Over the past century Germans have migrated around the world and so we expect these records to be of interest to many people and in many countries.''

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