Rusesabagina: Rwanda has not healed

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RWANDAN genocide hero and inspiration behind the film Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina, says the east African country has neither healed from the 1994 genocide nor learned any lessons from it, as he accused the Rwandan government of continuing human rights abuses through the alleged arbitrary arrest and transportation of Hutus to work illegally in mines in the Congo.

The former hotel manager, who risked his life and saved 1289 people from machete wielding militias and armed forces by hiding them in a Kigali hotel during three months of extensive ethnic conflict, had no kind words for the United Nations system either, which he still sees as flawed.

"It's ironic that I am standing here today addressing a Model UN conference, when 15 years ago, the United Nations abandoned me and many others in a genocide, a madness that took away a million out of seven million lives."

Rusesabagina addressed nearly 1500 political science and humanities students from universities in the U.S., Belgium, Nigeria, Venezuela and China at the just ended American Model UN Conference in Chicago...

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