Alleged Nazi Guard's Trial Marks End of an Era

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Nearly 65 years after the liberation of the concentration camps, an alleged accomplice in the Holocaust is to stand trial this week in Germany -- one of the last such cases and marking for some the end of Europe's darkest era.

German prosecutors will begin their case against John Demjanjuk Monday morning in Munich, bringing charges against a man, they say, volunteered to guard the Sobibor death camp in 1943 and was complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of Jews.

After years of highly public trials for the architects of the slaughter, held in Nuremberg, Germany, Jerusalem and elsewhere, Monday's hearing at a regional court in Munich is set to be the last time the story of the Holocaust will be played out so fully in a courtroom — the last time survivors of the mass murder will testify against a man suspected of being one of their families' willing executioners.

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