Obamas' First State Dinner Marks Departure From Previous Administration

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President Obama plans to have his cake and eat pumpkin pie too when he hosts his first White House state dinner Tuesday, providing the 320 guests expected to attend the lavish ceremony with fine dining from a top chef and entertainment by Oscar-winning musicians.

First lady Michelle Obama's staff, which has planned what could be Washington's hottest social event since the inauguration, has kept a tight lid on the details for the event in honor Indian Prime Minister Monmahon Singh and his wife.

All the courses will be placed on historic china from previous White House collections, including service plates from the Eisenhower administration's 1955 New Castle, Pa.'s Castleton China, Trenton, N.J., Lenox from the Clinton service and dinner plates from George W. Bush Kinston, N.C., Lenox, collection which was a gift of the White House Acquisition Trust.

The grand White House dinner for Singh marks a departure from the ones held by Obama's predecessor, George. W. Bush, who notably hosted Singh at a dinner in 2005. The Bushes rarely held formal state functions.

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