How Is Obama's Extended Family Handling Reflective Fame?

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Ever since President Obama moved into the White House, "the background players in his family drama—half-brothers, stepgrandmothers—are experiencing a disorienting measure of reflective fame," writes New York magazine. "They're doing their best to handle it, with varying degrees of grace." George Obama, the president's youngest half-brother, will be publishing a memoir and traveling to the United States for a publicity tour. But despite the reported six-figure advance, George still lives in a slum and constantly pushes interviewers to give him money in exchange for information. Tourists who arrive in Nairobi and are willing to pay $500 for a glimpse into Obama's past can go on a package deal called the "Obamaland Weekend Break," where they might get to visit Obama's octogenarian stepgrandmother. Sayid Obama, one of Obama's stepbrothers, has been acting more or less like a family spokesman but he is tired of dealing with the press and all the undercover birther activists who have gone to Kenya to try to prove the president was born there. But not everyone with Obama as a last name wants the world to know how they're related to the U.S. president. There are still an unknown number of Obamas out there who have somehow managed to evade the reflective glory.

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