Palin: I Can't Be Blamed for GOP Losing Presidency in 2008

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Sarah Palin said she thinks the Republican ticket lost the 2008 presidential election because Americans were looking for change, and not because she undermined the campaign or was unprepared for the vice presidential seat.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Monday, Palin said the economy tanked under a Republican administration and people wanted to try a different path.

As for her daughter's pregnancy, Palin described to Oprah the handling of the news that Bristol Palin was pregnant, saying that the then-17-year-old Bristol was embarrassed to see her pregnancy on the news. Palin said she tried to console Bristol and thought the campaign botched the message management on the pregnancy and thought that the realism of the situation should have been the message that shone through.

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Jeremy Alan Perron - 11/27/2009

Sarah Palin is quitter who walked out halfway through the job in Alaska. She is not much of a leader.

Vernon Clayson - 11/18/2009

Sarah Palin didn't didn't fail the campaign, John McCain did, he seemed only casually interested in the campaign while she was energetic and drew enthusiastic crowds. The Democrats are fearful of her because she has a history of calling out the corrupt and inefficient - and every one in the Congress, including Republicans, has something to hide.
Were she to take the oath of office it would more than a banal formality, she would take it to heart as a duty and obligation. I have no idea what Obama had in mind when he took the oath and everyone has forgotten that he took one publicly and one privately, what was that about? One for show and one for what?