Human bones found at Saanich construction site may be 1,000 years old (Canada)

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Bones found at a Saanich lot where a new home is being built are believed to be the 1,000-year-old remains of an 18-year-old aboriginal person, but police say it is also possible the bones are from several individuals.

The discovery began with a false alarm when on Nov. 3, a dog nosing around at the construction site pulled out a bone from loosened earth where excavators had been working. Construction was stopped at that point and is still on hold. Saanich police took the bone to the Royal B.C. Museum where it was determined to be a rib bone of a cow that had likely died in the early 1900s.

An archaeologist reviewed the site and the next day three more bones were unearthed. They were also examined.

The Provincial Archaeology Branch is working closely with police to confirm the bones’ heritge and whether more bones may be at the site.

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