Unseen colour 3D film of Queen's Coronation to be broadcast for first time (UK)

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Unseen colour 3D newsreel of the Queen’s Coronation, which was lost in an archive for more than 50 years, is to be broadcast for the first time.

The 17-minute footage, thought to be the first in the world to be filmed in colour 3D, was discovered in a tin labelled “Royal Review 1953” in the British Film Institute (BFI).

It had been passed in the 1960s to BFI by Dixons, the electrical retailers, with a letter which said: “We give you this film for your safe keeping in the national archives.”

It was found by the son of Arthur Wooster who was one of the two cameramen behind the pioneering film who went on to work on nine James Bond films.

Mr Wooster, 80, and his colleague Bob Angell, 87, filmed the Queen using two cameras simultaneously at different angles before blending the footage together into a single picture.

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