British secret agent who helped French 'snubbed by Charles de Gaulle'

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A secret agent who trained members of the French Resistance behind enemy lines was told he had "no business" in France when he met General de Gaulle, newly released files disclose.

Peter Lake was parachuted into the Dordogne on the night of April 9 1944 to train members of the Resistance in sabotage and guerilla warfare in preparation for D Day.

After the landings he led a daring operation to blow up the main railway line between Perigueux and Coutras.

But less than a month after General de Gaulle's triumphant return to Paris in 1944, the leader of the Free French met Captain Lake at Saintes in south-west France.

His Special Operations Executive personnel file, released by the National Archives, reveals Captain Lake, who spoke fluent French, was asked by de Gaulle: "What are you doing here?"

When he said he was "training certain troops for special operations" de Gaulle told him: "Our troops don't need training. You have no business here" and added: "We don't need you here. It only remains for you to leave... You too must go home. Return, return quickly. Au revoir."

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ab cd ef - 10/28/2009

it is also well know that The General was not very kind with resistant who were not officier before beginning of the war.

Sometime his only question on to resistant was
what was your rank in 1939!!!