Plastic wrap for castle makeover (Wales)

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A 13th Century Pembrokeshire castle has been completely wrapped in plastic as it undergoes a total refurbishment.

Roch Castle near Haverfordwest, once damaged in a Civil War siege, is being turned into a corporate retreat.

Contractors have wrapped the 100ft (30m) tall building in sheeting to protect the stonework as most of the internal floors and roof are replaced.

The castle has been bought by a company which will develop a six-bedroom facility, including a gym room.

It is thought the castle was built early in the 13th Century, probably during the reign of Henry III.

It was damaged in a siege during the English Civil War and it was not until 1900 its then owner, the first Viscount St Davids, embarked on the rebuilding it as he needed a country seat in the northern part of Pembrokeshire.

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