The Shoot Out Between the Jesse James Biographers


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It wasn't high noon. And spectators did not have to fear being accidentally taken out by a stray shot. But there was no mistaking what was taking place. It was a good old-fashioned western shoot-out. We are speaking of a recent exchange on HNN's discussion boards between the pistols-drawn, trigger-happy biographers of Jesse James, Ted P. Yeatman and T. J. Stiles. Yeatman, widely considered the most knowledgeable expert on James's career, fired the first shot December 21, accusing Stiles, author of the new bestseller, Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War, of manipulating evidence to prove a thesis. Why else had Stiles changed his view-- advanced in a book published in 1994-- that "newspaper editor John N. Edwards was probably the author of the 'Jesse James' letters." "In his new book," Yeatman charged, "Mr. Stiles fails to explain this abrupt about face, which is central to his thesis that Jesse James was a political 'terrorist.' "

Returning fire the next day, Stiles accused Yeatman of wanting to "discredit my book" "rather than simply engaging in healthy, respectful debate," perhaps because "he may see my book as injuring his status as a leading historian of the James brothers." Stiles then went on to make a disclosure -- switching metaphors, it was a genuine "Perry Mason" moment--that heretofore had escaped Yeatman's detection. Stiles, it turned out, was not the author of the book that came out under his name in 1994--which was published by Chelsea House as a "young-adult biography":

[3:37 pm] When I was a graduate student, I was paid a small fee to conduct research for it (essentially a summary of what had been published about Jesse James up to that point), which was then written up by the Chelsea House staff. It was published under my name against my wishes. Chelsea House has long since agreed to remove my name from it. Does anyone really care that I now contradict statements published in a book for children eight years earlier, a book that the publisher agrees is not mine?

Less than two hours later came Yeatman's reply:

[5:19pm] Personally, I would NEVER let ANY book go out with my name on it as author that I disageed with. Was this very professional of all concerned? The various reviews list you as author. Is this undeserved praise you were given? Why is it not mentioned in your current book that you were not the author? You have to understand here that the historical community has been rocked with some rather major scandals and credibility of same has suffered in consequence. ...

We may have to agree to disagree on a number of points. As you and I are aware, there are numerous gaps in the primary source data. Just were did you find an account that positively identified Jesse James as the killer of Sheets in the Gallatin robbery of Dec. 1869? Also, have you ever seen the manuscript copies of the letters Jesse sent to the various newspapers? I sure haven't, and no one that I know has.

Then Stiles's reply:

[7:54pm] The bulk of your posting is exactly the sort of debate that I think is entirely appropriate. It is not my purpose to debate point by point with you here, but I think that your questions about my book are serious ones regarding a topic that, as you say, involves fragmentary evidence. I have made my interpretations and have drawn conclusions from that evidence, and realize that it is quite possible to disagree on some of them--indeed, I often point out other possibilities in my endnotes....

On the other hand, I think the importance you place on Chelsea House's children's book, and my long-past relationship with the publisher, is off the mark, and simply not relevant to a debate over my book. There's no scandal in the difficulty I had in getting the publisher to remove my name from a book I'm not responsible for.

It was now three days before Christmas, of which Stiles took note: "I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year."

And so it ended.

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Anne J Eng - 8/2/2006

I would like help in contacting Ted P Yeatman regarding a Jesse James project. any help would be appreciated. Ted, if you are reading this, please contact me at

Sanna Lapinhammar - 1/13/2004

OPEN LETTER to the top-representatives/PMs of the EU Parliament: DOUBLE MISSION ALERT...///Here is the SAGA-formated OPEN LETTER, full coverage attached international evidences, witnesses list, too...Attention; we are not only single movement who faxing this explanation... Actually there are many friendly movements who aim stop the "legal-masked-looting" and inform the responsible authorities, first att all the European Union... Well, anti-crime initiatives, citizens helping us to spread useful info and all these posiitve attitudes faxed this last example... We fax this info again to the following people requesting that the Directive Board be abandoned and we are warning the top responsible staff of the European Commission.

Romano Prodi (President of the E. C. )
Fax number 011 32 2 295 8532

Robert Coleman (EU Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection)
Fax number 011 32 2 299 6298

David Byrne (EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection)
Fax number 011 32 2 298 1499

Basil Mathioudakis (whose job it is to steer the Directive through the European
Fax number 011 32 2 296 0951
We suggest the following for Citizens' Rights to use as the basis for their
faxes and e-mails:

Dear Sir: We are several citizens who been bugged and a lot of betrayed employee
of foundations, municipalities and are following with great concern the progress
of the EU basic Human Rights Supplement Directive. Unfortunately, Swedish Fatty
Imbecill Premier G.rån PetZion struggle still against all basic Human Rights and
uses as marionette in the bllody hands of International Jewish Congress... His
administration has no single one brain capacity to save the Basic Human Rights
against the Zionist Imperialism...

We therefore urge you to now abandon this process, stop therecruitments of hired
criminals and consider the rights of bugged citizens (speciallay) of
municipality supplements, who have not asked for, nor do they want, their
individual freedom of choice in health-care to be restricted by this session.

Yours sincerely,
Citizens' Rights Movement of Scandinavian Peoples


Here is the SAGA-formated OPEN LETTER, Sir!..

The Story on the BUG INSTRUMENTS&RECRUITMENTS&fake employment files, specially
the plot area Swedish traditionally collaboration and fraud section; already its
freak staff on taste at the officially areas&municipalities...(Int. English
language version)...


Bug suspects&imported criminals (most wanted thieves, pedophiles etc.)...become
employed by any dangerous lobbies...

- Did you know; the bug affects rock the the EU institutions again?
- Who is explaining on this subject? - Christian Peace&The Dutch
Fellowship of Reconcilation, comments on radio...
- Let's listen!..
- The bug affects and info-theft scandals rock the institutions of the EU:
INFO-THEFT via a lot of!.. Recruitment by immigrated (fake pass owner)
criminals at work, specially during the Iraq-invasion...INFORMATION&SECRET
MATERIAL THEFT in the EU specially during the GULF-PETROLEUM-INVASION which
almost planned and controlled by the Zionist Financial lobbies... The
informative smuggle deal of modernized world, specially such form of the
identity theft is a big crime... Unfortunately, there are no effective
institutes against the identity theft "personuppggiftsstölder"..
- But you are able to take vigorous exception and all form of identity theft to
the court, maybe attached DataSync files or any posting from the suspicious
worksites and it will be better you check other strange messages too which
falsely bearing your name as the purported author.
Maccabi and other Jewish servers working by the side of enemies...
- Don't use the Jewish products, including hidden cookies and secret files
against you. Not only individual identities, even big firms are in danger...
- A lot of firms missing mostly technical information in last months... There
are many different experienced instruments for instance Abit Dundar (was born in
the Kurdistan, according to the Migration Office acceptance registration...
borned 1958, used many
different fake pass between Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Europe... and sold a lot of
little Kurdish children to the pedophiles in Tel Aviv, most wanted criminals in
the Middle East, who always escaped to Europe..
- I know this cheaper Kurd traitor and other hired instruments... This freak
(Abit Dundar) and its own friends informed by FactNet NGOs before... It's like a
tradition, such clan members like to bug each other...
- We were been informed, too. We know about their relations and missions in the
EU!.. Swedish Jews helped him to fix citizenship in Sweden m.m.) is last one
example who specially immigrated and uses about such subjects in EU.. He is
member by temporary coalition of PUK&KDP (famous as Massoud Barzioni&Cêhsê
Talabani's criminal elit recruitment cells in the Middle East) and nowadays
working (!!!) by Swedish Jewish Party Fp&collaborated lobbies in Scandinavia,
like many other Neo-Zion organizers (-remember Nedim Dagdeviren, Memed Uzun,
Novin Harsan, Cheko Pekgül, Mehmet Tayfun, Kurdo Baksi, Nalin Pekgul etc.)...who
almost suspects&wanted in many countries...
- There are a lot of persons who were been victims, overseas too, like Hersam
family members, because of the Belgique connection of thus poor Hersam clan ...
Immigrants been useed battle other immigrants...
- We understand better now!.. There are many victims mostly Middle East
background persons for instance; Zaza-clan members, Lales Qaso,, Rohat Alakom,, Ibrahîm Seydo Aydogan,,, Mustafa Aydogan,,
Celadet Alî Bedir-Xan,, Sebrî Botanî, Recep Marasli, Firat Cewerî,
Silêman Demir,, Xelîlê Duhokî,, Bûbê
Eser,, Sidqiyê Hirorî,, Ehmed Huseynî, Salihê Kevirbirî,, M. Elî Kut,
Mahmûd Lewendî, Hesenê Metê, Serdar Rosan, Roni Alasor, Haydar Diljen,, Azad J. Erdem,, Remzî Kerîm,, Mahmûd Lewendî,, A. Firat,,,,,,, and much more... -
Who completed such lists? - So called the communal staff of Stockholm
and a little help of the journalists like KommunalArbetaren magazine.. -
The traitors among us!..
- What?
- Kidding...
- ?!


- We were been scared by other collaborative leagues in Bruxelles::
- Is the Anti-Defamaton League of B'nai B'rith Spying on You? - Maybe...
But i know many people who were been scared by these leagues... Who has better
answer on that?
- Bill Hughes answered this question and his search been published in the
Baltimore Sentinel, September, 1993 issue: "Are you being watched? Is
information about your First Amendment activities being sent covetly to alien
intelligence agencies? Have secret files been compiled on you? A major scandal,
centered around ex-San Francisco Police Inspector Tom Gerard, a shadowy
character named Roy Bullock, and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
(ADL) suggests that American liberals, and others, may be under surveillance.
Evidence seized by the police indicates that numerous progressives activists,
newspapers, elected officials, and labor unions-are the targets of a domestic
snooping operation. Its legality, and scope, are now being tested and examined
in a civil rights case filed in a state court in San Francisco. Gerard has been
charged in San Francisco with theft of government property and conspiracy. He is
suspected of having collected privileged material on many residents and
organizations in the Bay Area. He turned the information over to Bullock. Gerard
was introduced to Bullock in the San Francisco office of the ADL. An antique
dealer, Bullock, has been the ADL's top "investigator" for more than three
decades. The ADL paid him over $170,000 between 1985 and 1992 for his
cloak-and-dagger work. Bullock liked to pick through the garbage of his
victims, and once infiltrated an Arab-American delegation that visited Rep.
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in her Washington, D.C. Office. (Pelosi is the daughter of
Baltimore's late Mayor Thomas J. D'Alesandro, Sr.) According to a Los Angeles
Times article (04/09/1993), Bullock worked as a paid informant for the FBI, as
well as the ADL. On April 8, 1993, police carried out a five hour raid of the
ADL offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They discovered the ADL had copies
of computer files on 12,000 Americans and more than 950 groups. According to
police reports and court documents, Bullock acknowledged he obtained the
information from Gerard, who traded police files, criminal histories and license
plate numbers in exchange for Bullock's data on so-called extremist groups. It
is feared by some that this confidential information may have been filtered to
spook networks in Israel, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Gerard had tied
earlier in his career to the CIA. The ADL boasts of keeping its eye on extreme
right-wing groups, like the Skinheads, the Klu Klux Klan, and Aryan Nations.
Their role in this mess indicates they may have reached too far in search for
"Anti-Semites." Police found files on the African National Congress: the ACLU:
Irish Americans; the United Auto Workers; AIDS activist groups like ACT-UP;
Mother Jones magazine; Pacifica News Network; Lesbian Agenda for Action;
Greenpeace; Christic Institute; Rep. Roy Dellums (D-CA); the National Lawyers
Guild; NAACP; CISPES; Carpenters Local 22; Jews for Jesus; and many Arab and
Palestinian individuals and organizations. The ADL had denied any wrongdoing in
the growing scandal. Gerard has pleaded "not guilty" and released on $20,000
bail. Bullock has not been charged. The probe is continuing. Abraham Foxman, the
head of the ADL, lashed out at the San Francisco district attorney for "trying
us in the media", according to an interview he gave to the Northern California
Bulletin, a local Jewish weekly. Foxman said the ADL would continue to monitor
people or groups that "pose a threat to Jews" and defended the organization's
probe of the African National Congress on grounds the ANC "were violent, they
were anti-Semitic, they were pro-PLO, and they were anti-Israel." (See The
Washington Report on the Middle East magazine,08/1993). The ADL was founded in
1913 for the declared purpose of defending Jews against "defamation". For the
most part, their record over the years has been a laudable one. During the
Reagan years, however, the ADL made a noticeable turn to the Right. Dr. Alfred
M. Lilienthal, a respected author and anti-Zionist, said, "What exactly
constitutes anti-Semitism was to receive continually different interpretations.
With the creation of Israel in 1948, the meaning of the word was broadened and
eventually, totally distorted". (The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,
07/1993). Irwin Suall presently runs the ADL's "fact finding" division out of
their national office at the United Nations Plaza in Manhattan. It operates in
all 50 states and has 31 regional offices, and it works closely with state and
federal police forces. It has over 400 employees and an annual budget of around
$32 million. In a memo dated July, 1992, Suall praised Roy Bullock as "our
number one investigator". He was also quoted as saying that the real enemies of
the Jews are on the "American Left". (Robert I. Friedman's 'The Enemy Within',
Village Voice, 05/11/1993). On April 8, 1993, a detailed report on this
brouhaha was presented on ABC's "Nightly News" before a national audience
estimated at over 18 million. This expose first ran in the print media in the
San Francisco Examiner and was later taken up by the Los Angeles Times.
Alexander Cockburn has been doing a running and biting commentary on it in the
pages of The Nation. In his riveting account of the affair, Friedman made this
damning statement: "Once a proud human rights organization, the ADL had become
the Jewish Thought Police". The ADL sharply disagrees with that assessment. They
see themselves as an altruistic human rights organization dedicated to watching
out for the kooks and fringe groups in our society. Ex-US Rep. Pete McCloskey
(R-CA) has filed a class action lawsuit in a California court against the ADL,
charging invasion of privacy. His name also appears in the data base, along with
that of his wife. McCloskey has been a persistent critic of Israel's brutal
suppression of the 1.8 million Palestinians languishing in the occupied West
Bank and Gaza. The son of the former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens, Yigal
Arens, is also a plaintiff in the suit. Arens supports a two-state solution to
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "The ADL believes", said Arens, "that anyone
who is an Arab-American or who speaks politically against Israel is at least a
closet anti-Semite". (See also, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,
(06/1993). The civil suit claims that the ADL collected information on opponents
of Israeli and South African government policies and passed it on to those
countries. The ADL has denied all the charges in the suit and has promised a
vigorous defense. It says it does not condone illegal methods of obtaining
information. Bullock had his computer-based data divided into four categories:
"Right Wing", "Pinkos", "Arab and Skinhead" organizations. About 4,000 of the
files are on Arab-Americans; the rest are on groups and individuals as diverse
as the Assembly of Jesus; Boycott Coke; Black United Fund; the Weatherman
Underground; and the United Farm Workers. Bullock admits to selling some of his
ADL files on anti-Apartheid activists to South African intelligence agents. He
also had ties to a group of informants across the country with code names, like
"Scumbag", "Ironside", and "Flipper". Attorney Marc Van de Hout of the National
Lawyers Guild, which is listed in the ADL's files, said, "I am a Jew myself, and
when I see the breath of the organizations in these files that the ADL has
conducted surveillance on, it is very clear that they have sort of lost touch
with reality in terms of organizations that are engaged in real anti-Semitic
activity". (See Washington Report, 08/1993). As Doug Struck's recent insightful
reporting in the Baltimore Sun amply demonstrates, the Israeli crackdown in the
occupied territories has resulted in gross abuses of human rights, including the
"torture of Palestinian prisoners". Americans should have the right to complain
about Israeli wrongdoing, about their huge annual raids on our national treasury
($11.3 billion in 1993), or their controversial trial of John Demjanjuk, without
ending up in a file of the ADL or under surveillance. I think it is wrong for
the ADL, or any other private group, to appoint itself as the pseudo-guardian of
our civil liberties. The ADL, however, like any other defendant, is entitled to
its day in court and to present its side of this mounting controversy to an
objective fact finder." Bill Hughes did right and we understand better what does
mean thus neo-Zionist recruitment precoss in the EU. - Christian
youth works wonderful on such subjects...
- Not only true Chistians... The last one pharagraph attached by former red of
- And this additional tale file prepared by any civil courage profiles which
originally attchmented by them who available for further complaintment matters
- All above issues composed and reported by journalist Leif Anderson
- He left a list, too... Source/Quelle list... But I don't understand Svekish
nor German language, unfortunatel...
- Show me its list!.. I can translate it for you...
- Here; for example, the Halifax news bureau broadcasting/German news section
shows how bug suspects recruited by the Zionist lobbies worldwide

Denzel Washington Forum erzählt die Wahrheit, in English:

Cuba Gooding, Jr. Forum erzählt in schwedischer Sprache:

- The establisment has a lot of hired characters, thieves, imported
criminals, collaborators and sabotörs against the democratical institutions and
- Hired criminals and theft is a method of imperialist system to dominate the
oppressed peoples.
- What we can do if we care....
- Yes!.. I would ask, too.. What we should do if we care about the oppressed
- The imperialists afraid of the truth...
- Therefore we must spread the truth and the truth shall make us free.
- We must copy such items (you consider relevant) from bulletin boards such as
this one and distribute them to other bulletin boards (or the same board at some
later time). This way you bypass the press, which is sometimes not interested in
supporting your point of view. And write and distribute your own articles....
- Go for it. It is fun and you can do your bite to change the world.
- Down with the Zionist Imperialism!.. We shall overcome!..

- Nobody sleeps here; we are aware on such kinky screenplays... But
"democracy been dominated" by the Zionist lobbies, bigeest question... Folks
show evidences on the homepages:
Stefan's Mus Downplant sätter bevis om Abit Dundar-fallet:


- Karl Ritter comments on the Ericsson's "rats" like fake immigrants Afshin
Bavand, Mansour Rokkgireh and Alireza Rafiei Bejarkenari...
- Kurd traitors like Nedim, M Kut Elisan, Abit?
- No, dear!... This group declared as "oppressed Jewish minority of Iran"
according to the Swedish Migtration Office documents...
- Let's listen!
- Ericsson "industrial info theft" trial was the biggest headline in may and
july months in 2003. Swedish and American media used "spy" instead of "theft"...
But when we informed that the suspected thieves are the Zionist import
instruments just the redacteurs changed attitudes and tried to give fact without
"person".. Like a kind of the ironical theatre scenes... I sent the news to
many redacteurs but it never been published like the original version, what I
show here... I want to read it one more time; "A former Ericsson engineer
charged with espionage gave Russian Jewish boss 2,700 internal company documents
in exchange for money, jeopardising Sweden's national security, prosecutors have
alleged. Immigrated (!) Jewish instrument Afshin Bavand, 46, received tens of
thousands of dollars from Russian Jews in return for computer files containing
secret information about Ericsson's telecommunications technology and its joint
mobile phone venture with Sony, prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand said. "The release
of this information to a foreign power can pose harm" to national security, Mr
Lindstrand said after opening arguments. Ericsson also makes radar systems for
defence programs worldwide, including for the JAS-39 Gripen fighter planes made
by Sweden's Saab and Britain's BAE Systems.

Mr Bavand, who was laid off in August 2001, was charged with gross espionage and
industrial espionage. Two former co-workers, also the other members of Neo
Zionist Gang, Mansour Rokkgireh, 44, and Alireza Rafiei Bejarkenari, 40, were
charged with complicity in industrial info theft, for allegedly gathering the
information for Mr Bavand.
- I would like to add any important detail about this case!..
- You are welcome!
- All the medial shurks common on a point; they are telling on Ericsson's Bavand
gang story but they didn't to use the words "Middle East", "USraeli influence"
or "Gulf Invasion"... They only telling the fairy tales, without the concrete
- Official controlled "Final fantasy"!
- ?!


- Well, in fact, this is the barnd new truth!.. INFO-THEFT under "official task
mask&abuse such democratical instutional illusions"...There are a lot of members
of NEO-ZIONIST RECRUITMENTS and their corrupted collaborators systematically
working for USraeli aims; STOP them, please!.. STOP them for instance
COLLABORATOR STAFF at MUNICIPALITY OFFICES steal money directly from tax-payers'
cash sources... After all legalized process these freak instruments shared such
wealth with FOUNDATIONs what "support LABELLED" and all these colaborative
robberies, mostly fraud JEWISH LEAGUES looting everything for example they uses
Sweden as a plot area and still importing fake immigrants under mask
"Arbetskraftsinvandring"... - We are aware on such cases... Folks witness
all these mstly criminal figures were been used for specially "woorks", also as
marionette like Abit Dundar clan members... - That is right, Sir!.. These fag
characters infiltred even to the authorities and we see more and more such "cold
bloody" figures who already manipulate the institutions only for zioni
projects&benefits... Process of "legal-masked-looting" looks like advanced
kinky affairs, completely ongoing...


- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that
our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree
with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!
- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be
- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the
double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we
been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living
creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the
enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring
injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I
say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,
thick-headed attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that
you remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of
Radio Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the
station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist
Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially
groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such
shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only
be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel
methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...
- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty
rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish
judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls
as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges
nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,
they explained... Shameful!... I can not explain here what they say on the
corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes
simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been
published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist
propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the
democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all
frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related
commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting
scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo
Vallo&Tony Mutka and other members of the "assassination on the so called
Resande Folket" cases... Märta Pettersson and others who murdered by the
"imported criminals" like Bengalian Zionist Mafia moblized in the EU; similarly
recruitment cases... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony Deogan, Dagmar
Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry with
examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the
official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other
relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of
murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living
under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter
Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie
Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,
because of these bravehearts criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish
lobbies... Laponians who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore
prisoned their representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists
like Bengt Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech
Fighters", anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe,
Dietlieb Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like
Henrik Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible
Calle Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists
Staffan Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus
Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who
been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them? -
Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers, immediately...
But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance, can easily be
refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely refuseed... Read two
different cover of assassinations for example one victim called Daniel
WRETSTRÖM and second one Tony DEOGAN; so you'll be shocked if you discover many
incredible freakness, parallel points; for instance how the prosecutors and
judges corrupted by financial lobbies and how all the gang members released, how
the evidences disappointed, witnesses forced to go in silence or they
disapponted, too...
- Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to publich these true
stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?! Schindler's List was
only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave a chance peace in
communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg, Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs"
drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the honoured intellectuals been
registrated on their computers... Therefore Stockholm-Canberra changed to be
second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But
what a lucky I have been warned before!. - The authorities are blind on
such actions.. Why? - Because every big shurk drives by the big lobbies in
this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?! - How can we could
informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in two minutes?!
- Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised version of enormous
hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react when Jews slaughed
people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv meanwhile druck
Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?.. - No,
Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too, remember,
we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies master-piece on
scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the all good peoples
now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a positive case here on
the Scandinavian Jewish DN, Expressen, Menorah pages; Maximum sentence for the
desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which traditionally targeted Jewish
cemeteries - was raised from 6 months' imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the
prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring. Then... - It should not calls for
case; it's provocation... There is no any single case in SvekJa, means nobody
sentenced, nobody improsined for desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be
2 years! Isn't good? - I want not talk on the sentences good or not
good... But I'm coming from Skaane and I witnessed who targeted the
cemeteries... - Who? - Jews!... I saw them... They were there
and porovoced very succesful so they manipulated sitation... Therefore there is
no prisoner after this pharagraph ' cause they aimed change the rules...
- I remember a similarly case, my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy
Jews who played theatre at the street on 30 November in Germania... It was
before WW III, Jewish fanatics crashed own glass and won enormous generous
compensation by the reasurance firms... But their media manipulated the world by
the help of american Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30
September worldwide, every year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist
boss' laughing behind the windows...
- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by
the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the
oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!
This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on
biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and
sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most
avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically
injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times
been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never
counts by half officially pools.... Animal lover bourgeoisie have
sex-partner-dogs, counts for identification and health rights, but not the
discriminated persons... Never mind!... - There aren't really a single
one modernized democratical institution?
- ?! ** - I wonder why many
immigrants sets to work without language courses meanwhile many others been
discriminated because of their language is not "wonderful, brilliant"?.. - I
met many people too... For example after Warszawa pakt's collapse fleed
manybiologs to the occupied Middle East, Australia, SvekJa and specially the
laboratory workers sets on the jobs without any oppression... - Did you
found any explain about this subject?.. - Not directly... I met a family
in SvekJa, who calls for BOLDTs, escaped from Baltics by the way of so-called
"official Al Capone Raoul Wallenberg" Co's false Finnish pass and corrupted
authorities in Kingdom by the way of Jewish lobbies... A cunning mature, drives
"Invandrar Publications"... She explained that all these scientists had already
one or two international languages what been respected... - She lies!.. I
know a writer, know six or seven language but SvekJa system set him too the
cleaner-catch boy courses... - Yes; I understand... Jolin replied this
case too; "maybe the writer criticised the oligarchical targets..." -
And she publish these subjects on the Invandrar Tidningen? Bravo!... - You
will be chocked; she help to the lobbies to registrate opposite... - Was she
biology-worker in Baltics... - No!... But system need such families to
follow the people and therefore she didn't go to the claenar courses and nor any
language course although her vocabulary is worst when I compare with other
immigrants... Nowadays fixed this family a credit possbility by the lobbies and
Swedish American authorities,looks like a support to publish weekly propagand
bulletin, called "Sesam"... - Is it a propagand bulletin which the
redacteurs in Jew York recommended? - Yes!... Worst and most dangerous in the
world... - Do you explain; what you discovered by Sesam or chief Jolin
Boldt or Jusek/jurists' judadominated syndical sect media runs by Göran Boldt
Co. although this zionist gang never had a single one scientist in the
family!.. - Yes, it's!.. But such chiefs are clever to use the regularly
credits of system... I am an ordinary people and regularly reading all the
issues of Sesam/Jusek falsification magazines and look at on these pages, what
these gangsters provoce: "Immigrants always have problems.. They must complete
their education and integrate to the democratical values..." Very
provocative...It means if you never been accepted as true citizen so you must
think that your education is low, complete it... If immigrated person is
non-judaic originated must complete cources to be disher, even if man is
professor.. But other immigrant who came from Warszawa and presented himself as
academician, accepted to be professor wit´hout a true diplom.. If you criticize
this dirty deal, riskable to be labelled that you collapsed on integration...
- A kind of tregistrated psycho? - Definitely!.. This is a nonsense
market... The masters of this neo-liberal "smiling fascist process" show no
pardon... Since many years the Swedish immigrant publications run by the fascist
zionist readcteurs, collaborators and inseminate false imagination... This is a
insemination what the Zionist Fascists do against thesecond class people in Tel
Aviv... In SvekJa Kingdom, by this shurk-coup drivessame project... Look at
these pages, even the Laponians counts like the second class people and never
discuss serious their minority rights, work rights by the industrial
investigations of Kingdom... They handled often like the Gypsies,more worst;
they handled like prisoners on its own marks like the Palestinians who prisoned
his own haoses there in the occupied Middle East... Do you discussuor rights
here on Immigrant pages? Never... Boldt have credit by Spaarbank and Nordea's
Jew chiefs... Why? Because, Boldt-gang is the best flexible which uses like a
condom against Human Rights...According of these shurks there is no any Zionist
Occupational Gang in the world, but Palestinians been counted as problematics...
Palestinians described like the immigrants there, what the oppressed people
behandles here in SvekJa Kingdom... Boldt and her lap-dogs manipulate the
questions of immigrants and never answer thequestions although there is two
pages for responses... - I know a Jewish paper in USA, redacteur send
letters himself and replies later instead of the true readers... -
Similar tactic!... What Big Brother do, Swedish hypocrites just imitate it...
Not only this fetty imbecill's Sesam, all other creit-addicted papers
administrations making copies of ordinary people's letters... mostly all these
half-officially "Invandrar" publication industry "brain washing instruments on
the immigrants" running on this line... what thelobbies, so-called
"registrationsnamnden" and the collaborators by the Swedish ministries like
much and therefore pumping money.. - Now I have a little question; is
Boldt-gangs are Jewish originated... - More dangereous... Members, so-called
"edsvurna" by the Zionist lobbies!...But how you guess about the origins of
these shurks?! - I am not so stupid although I like sometimes discuss
football, too... - ...and maybe a private question, too!.. How you can be so
close to Jolin!... - She like small and younger Africans like a tradition by
the bourgeoisise fetties nowadays and it was plus point when she discovered I am
from Ethiopia... - More question? - No more, 'cause I have already
all the answers on this area specially experiences by such kind of chiefs who
need my massage... This is biology, too; bio-physique... - But why all these
lobbies hate Rainer Holm?.. Rainer is not immigrant.. - He registrated
because of the critics againt the system and projects.. - What kind of
system? Whose projects, whose rules? - Kidding? - ?!
- Different faces but same play on the dirty scenes!..
- That is right!.. Unfortunately, a crow goes but another crow comes...
Betrayers love eacht other and they always have supporters by the financial
lobbies... For example Sparbank, Nordea, Associates thieves Co,
Citibank/CitiGroup, even CSN and other similarly ziondominated betrayers,
- More dangerous than all other classical mafia examples... Because all these
liberalized instruments have both legal and illegal leagues, different faces on
the different scenes...
- Flexible fascism!..
- Not only this case and such victims, all the anti-imperialists
are the potentially criminals, according to the registrators of lobbies...They
are suspicious in all cases, on all the connections... - They are
suspicious perhaps only on our duties... Otherways I met an interesting gay, he
talks perfect Persian like a true Iranian citizen, practiced around of Gulf...
- Dehdari? Kamali? Tagawi? - Bijan Fahimi!.. This gay, Persian Zionist
case enough to explain any connections between many Swedes... Such "imported
instruments" help to compare with the opprtunities and opportunists for example
these persons systematically been discrimined: Staffan Ehnebom, Jimmie
Östergren, Ahmed Rami, Ernst Rainer Holm (regime critic worker, disappeared in
Gaevle city just after May Day 2003), Henrik Westander, Osmo Vallo (murdered by
police torture in Malmuu-city) and his prisoned brothers, Tony Deogan and
Anders Gustavsson (both murdered by system supported violence leagues and
prosecutors didn't accuse anyone because these poor boys weren't from
bourgeoisie cathegories in the community and both criticized sytem by any
articles before), Bengt Frejd, Olof T. Johansson, Sara Lidman, Calle Höglund,
Belay Mekkonen, Hannes Westberg, Linus Brohult, Sven Wollter, Gunnar Thorell,
Murat Yildiz, Bodil Margret Lindqvist, Staffan Beckman, Ísmet Celepli, Juan
Fonseca (when he had not so intensive interesse on money), Ditlieb Felderer,
Stefan Hjertén, Stefan Dimiter Tcholakov...
- Is it dangerous to have same name? - Very riskable!.. Nephew Stefan
forced to be psyhico because one of the his relatives in Balkan were the
anti-Zionist guerilla leaders... One of the guerillas had same name forced for
Independent Makedonia and jailed by false accusations of two Jewish judges from
Bulgaria just after 1945. Guerilla leader had no possibility to defence himself,
Jewish judges published only the false accusations, including fictive movements
who leaned weapon from Germania under WW II. Although many corrupted judges and
prosecutors were the traitors, this power manipulated history; nobody succeed to
choose what is right what is wrong by medial campaigns... Guerillas, like
"Uncle Tcholakov" sentenced without any minimal evidence.. He died there... We
see another Tcholakov in Scandinavia, immgrated, but pursued and falled in
incredible troubles... This nephew Tcholakov, "immigrated heimatlos Stefan"
borned in 1944 as Dimiter, become a brilliant academical carrier in Sofia
university and fleed to SvekJa Kingdom, completed 180 university points but
prevented from work life, pursued, isolated, discriminated by the the Jewish
registrators, lobbies, specially the collaborators of Clas Lilja
"genetical-researcher Zionist clan" members in the Waexsjö city university...
I can add other figures, too; for example the victims from West Front like
Robert Malecki as true Vietnam deserter and as second category; Jan Myrdal,
Teddy John Frank, Frank Baude, Peter Bratt, (his cell-shared-comrade Jan
Guillou pissed off from lists because he is a multi-milliarder rich, reached to
be droged creatur at last), Dagmar Hagelin (been pursued by Zionist lobbies who
collaborated with dictators of South America and murdered there by fascist
military of Astiz.. Dagmar murdered because her father listed as Marxist and
very interesting now, his family affected by persecution, all the relatives
troubled similarly case and systematically hunting by the Zionist lobbies),
Torsten Leander (only this one pursued person compensed as symbolic maneouver),
Work Rights Fighters Jimmie Östergren from Högdalen and his ombudsman Bengt
Pettersson from Folks house Raagsved Ghetto district, Lilian Gustavsson who is
mother to Anders, 17, murdered by torture methodes of bulldog Anders Carlsberg's
fascist boys at Fyrshuset trainee center in Hammarby bourgeoisie area of
capitol. After that Anders Carlberg prized as Integration chief and poor mother
Lilian still betrays by the Jewish manipulation center Expo's "professional
- It looks like a living history...
- That is right and tv redaction collected much more figures, the names of the
victims, all the almost anti-imperialists... - The "Human enemies"
will not like to talk on such cases.. They hate the truth... - It's true!...
The profiteers of system hate human being... We collected here hundreds of
names... Count please the victims of Estonia ferry, which used to transferring
the nuclear weapons to the West and sinked by an explosion; prosecutors hunted
the criticer intellectuals not the criminal propagandists of Jewish
DN-Expressen-Menorah falsificators nor the boss of weapon markets...... Why thus
people counts in two different categories and what is difference between two
oppressed or only been registrated followed people I don't understand... But you
can notice much more if you visit Veritas Co. Veritas fraud league is a computer
and distribution which serve the falsificators, Swedes call him "Jankele Pirat
kopiormästaren!", means "Bitch falsificator masters' bastard"... - What
is common with all these plays? What is the connection but with our tennisplayer
monkey? - That is the question... They don't know anything and
therefore we are on the duty, means their unknowledge is our gain... -
Game?! - You need go to the ear specialist, my friend; Nordic climate
is not fit to your upside... - ?! **
- Please, my friend!... Take these coverages back to the archives!.. Explain
nothing there, outside;please! I'll do tanksgiving because I have only ond year
to be retired.. - Wait!.. Wait!.. My son and daughters already at AMS and
their fiancees fixed places at Länsarbetsnämnden, Migration teater's
integrationsverket.. It was difficult to be staff there, without any true exam,
nor really job interviews... We mustn't leave their situations on risk!.. - ?!
- I witnessed any related cases... But a woman who formated this explain she was
been guilt, instead of the suspected persons... Don't make laugh on such
stories, please!... One of these writers named Bodil Margret Lindqvist wrote a
saga/story and faced PUL when the Evangelist coup of Swedish church spioned
her... But folks insist to be solidarised with Bodil Margret Lindqvist... Dod
you know, why? Resistance against discrimination... Saga on Ulf BERG , for
instance, this saga is a strong file of Bodil's works... Saga-files are a kind
of action; yes, I should remember that Bodil Margret Lindqvist was VPK-follower
rebel... - VPK? - Vaensterpartiet kommunisterna.. Main European
leftist parties changed themselves but traditionally hate clans of zionist
imperialism didn'rt change the persecution process on the antiimperialists...
- They hate human being... - That's right!.. This is one of the
reasons; yes, she was a famous member by Communist Party... There are any
related explains on her own homepages what she been attacked and therefore
cleaned many pages..
An example about the first story pages of Bodil Margret Lindqvist:
Bodil's ordinary corrected (nicked A. Maria Oilworkerson) short reserv page:

Short story creations like Comrade Bodil's extra diary pages: There are many
solidaríty groups around such anti-imperialist figures for example, the readers'
notices to the story teller Bodil:
Bodil's close friend Comrade Jörgen "Snegroy" (second nick: Kennedy Palme)
built a support page:
- far you works on Internet, it's possible that anybody try to manipulate
- That is right!.. Tere are many fanatics like Livets ord and other fascist
lkeagues who attacking the anti-imperialists. - Definitely!.. Bodil's
works been attacked by Livets ord... There are many server, like Maccabi Jewish
staff and fake Anti-Fa homepages... They still contunie to manipulate... This
is the true terror, advanced by technical support lobbies...
- Sometimes we see good friends, who show very useful solidarity for instance
Jörgen K.; he is Bodil's close friend, struggles well. - This is the
"True Living history"... - If you have any question so I recommend
you'll call to this civil-courage symbol, "Story-teller".. Here is the directly
phone: Bodil Margret Lindqvist tel. 48 03 e-mail: - 031? - Mölndal, Vetlanda...
- Wet? Land? - Yes, it's is a piece of SvekJa Kingdom!...
- Even it's not acceptable!.. My heart says; "No!.." - What is most
unfair? - To be handled like the animals in the farm of George
Orwell.. Look at all these masters of swindler who have two-legs only
difference between the other kind of piggs... - I understand your
reactions!... But if you insist to go on the last two legs, riskable that you
can be sanctioned.. Did you heard that many people gone suicide? - Media
didn't explain...... - Whose media? Anyway there are many people, even
an ordinary list can take many pages of newspapers... Advertisements are
important than suicide victims, nowadays... - You mean that the system can
piss off... - Legalized cleansing by modernized methodes... Hundreds of
people commit suicide only in last year... - Human? - ?!

- Some freak dominatinal bug scandal ripples at Sweden's capitol city
- I have heard on the Ghettos!.. It does mean, bug suspects forced not all the
communities, but only Ghetto districts been troubled....

- I wonder, what is the reason so little instruments, little
countries forcing the world coimmunities to the enormous risks and earn much
more, biggest profites at least...
- Which one is little?
- USrael... Kingdoms...nordic satellites like SvekJa...
- I see... Well, I am not expert on these stories.. But I was tourist a short
time in Miami.. There I experienced that the most new whores arranging the
little figures, innocent-faced shurks you can not guess how these persons doing
so realize so enormous crimes... Otherway, the most winners were the little
bodied whores not the big breastes of masses...


- Info theft affairs and interested authorities larmed on leakage scandals...
- It's true.. But it's not secret... There are many staff, even PM like Annelie
ENOCHSON who still working for USrael...
- Knesset's member?
- No!. Member of Swedish parliament, but this traitor and collaborators succeed
to steal the archive of OSEE...
- What is OSSE?
- OSSE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
- Did you never met a single one honurable judge or prosecutor, who be able to
charge such thieves...
- Impossible.. Well, there are the honourable staff.. But ENOCHSON choose such
staff, because she and her collaborators were been chiefs on the main sections
in the EU, for example ENOCHSON is the member of The Swedish delegation

- Other members?
- Servers... Fit each other; here; Chairman Tone Tingsgård (s)

Deputy chairman: Göran Lennmarker (m)

Ordinary Members: Martin Nilsson (s)

Cecilia Nilsson Wigström (fp)

Urban Ahlin (s)

Carina Hägg (s)

Annelie Enochson (kd)

Lars Ohly (v, but non-effective; incredible been -zero-)

Deputies: Håkan Juholt (s)

Margareta Israelsson (s)

Gunnar Hökmark (m)

Allan Widman (fp)

Carina Ohlsson (s)

Ronny Olander (s)

Holger Gustafsson (kd)

Karin Thorborg (v, but non-effective; incredible been -zero-)

- What a wonderful time!... Out of two symbolical Leftist poor figures I see no
any minimal human trace after all above instruments and I wonder what now with
such puppies?!
- To sign the massacres what the Jewish Imperialism arrangees and enginees...
- ?!


- I wonder what is the reason this story-teller uses a strange grammar.. Bad
english, according to the web administrations.... Worst than my chief's school
english level...
- I understand you, too!.. But you know, I met this autor, a clever girl who can
talk wonderful.. I mean, she is a successful person when she talks plenty
fluently on other matters...
- But why this girl tells her story in so incredible strange english?
- I try to explain!... Yes, I asked her about this flat language... She replied;
"When I wrote in correct english, pissed off by the bourgeoisie dominated
media"... So, after this explain I checked it and witnessed that she has
- I wonder the majority been masochists nowadays?!
- Ye', it is stranger than language!... ... Maybe we are living in a period
there bourgeoisie living a social sickness like mass masochistical delusion
system... We piss off the normally attitudes...
- Also, you mean the autor aims to write good tales in bed grammar to fix the
barries of establishment on this sick medial world...
- Approximately...
- But she make folks laugh!... Please, watch this clip, super irritable bad
english.. She makes me laugh, too!...
- Sure!.. Story teller aims it... Otherwise, you are a living evidence that she
succeed to make laugh you like any other pieces of this oligarchical system!..
- What!?..
- ...and at last this story teller added that she believe in "Mankind changed
so much, nowadays civilizated people mostly looks like a kind of animal who can
learn during laughing"...
- ?!


- This broadcasting clip remind me of "the Invisible Writers".
- What does "invisible writer" mean?
- Many years ago I knew a grizzled old playwright named Ray. He lived off state
disability checks, carried his manuscripts in brown paper bags, and drank cup
after cup of black coffee, which I poured for him from behind the counter of the
coffee shop where I worked. He had one piece of advice for me: "Read Othello.
If you want to be a writer you must first read Othello." Ray was a blue-collar
guy who had never gone to college, but he had read Shakespeare, checked out from
the public library near the furnished room where he lived. Ray understood plot
because he had lived and experienced it. He was a born writer. Over the years
I've met a diverse collection of writers who have never been published or earned
any academic credentials, yet whose claim to the title of artist is genuine.
These invisible writers are soldiers and bakers, convicts and salesmen, winos,
hairdressers, firefighters, farmers and waitresses. Their only qualifications to
literary authenticity are their writings and their desire to write. Often the
only time they have is stolen time, and their private scrawls end up on cocktail
napkins, penciled in the margins of receipts, on any piece of paper handy. I
got to know Tom Carson during the first Gulf War, shortly after his platoon had
been sent to Kuwait. We never met in person. He had written to a co-worker of
mine who had moved on, leaving no forwarding address. When I saw the U.S.
military return address on Tom's letter, I decided to answer it myself. We began
a correspondence that lasted through the war and after he returned to Fort
Benning, Georgia. During a hectic two months, Lt. Carson wrote 39 poems. His
themes were the regimented insanity of military life, isolation and loneliness,
the wind and rain of his soul. Carson wrote his lines in rare solitude, in a
barracks or a tent. During the day, he told me, the thoughts gathered in his
head; he censored them but the forbidden words found expression anyway, for even
the U.S. Army cannot discipline the imagination. People imprisoned in
stultifying, menial jobs can summon, with even a minimal command of language,
something entirely private, unfettered and incalculably powerful. Most
importantly, it is something of their own creation that cannot be taken away.
The sense of purpose and identity that comes with being a writer, creator of a
private world, can be life altering. I've known truck drivers who are
natural-born storytellers; fishermen who paint starkly beautiful word pictures
of life on a crab boat in the Bering Strait. I met a barely literate ex-convict
whose short story about losing his wife and child in a revenge killing for a
gang crime he'd committed was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read. I met
a ex-alcoholic who wrote about being abandoned by her husband. In a few simple
paragraphs this uneducated woman in her mid-50s expressed a universal sense of
loss in an entirely unsentimental fashion; something that cannot be taught in
any MFA program. My own father, a novelist who was never published, once wrote
about being fired for writing on the job – a chronic problem in his lifetime. He
worked on an assembly line in a factory that manufactured radios, and the
foreman caught him writing one day while the neglected radio parts moved past
him on the belt. "I was only half a radioman," wrote my father. "In my heart, I
was a poet." As Chester Himes wrote in "The Quality of Hurt": "No matter what I
did or how I lived, I had considered myself a writer....It was my salvation. The
world can deny me all other employment, and stone me as an a
disagreeable, unpleasant person. But as long as I write whether it's published
or not, I'm a writer." I met Celia at a roadside diner, where she cooked greasy
breakfasts for travelers whose faces she'd never again see. Writing, for Celia,
was a way of being elsewhere, of undoing, undreaming, her mundane daily life.
The monotony of her job and the deadening rituals she performed daily were the
inspirations for the poems she scribbled on used order tickets. To hate your job
and do nothing about it is a failure of imagination: a true life sentence. A
Frenchman I know who was a maitre d' at one of the Washington's finest
restaurants, possesses a novel he composed in the twilight time between the
lunch rush and the dinner hour. His joy on writing it was immeasurable. That it
may never be published did not faze him. The point is that he created it. He
finished it. It is his. "Fiction completes us, mutilated beings burdened with
the awful dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a
thousand," Mario Vargas Llosa wrote. I've often looked for my old playwright
friend Ray's name in print, but have never seen it. I imagine him sitting in a
coffee shop somewhere, brow furrowed as he revises lines of his latest play,
completely absorbed in the world of his characters. I'm sure it frustrated Ray
at times, that his work went unrecognized, but it never occurred to him to quit;
just like it would never occur to him to stop breathing. It is not strictly a
tragedy that Ray's plays, the maitre'd's novel or Celia's poems remain
unpublished. Much of the work comes into being for private reasons of the heart.
If every sentence that was written was printed and bound we would drown in a sea
of words – as it is, thousands of books are hastily published, barely read and
forgotten. Writing itself is the aim, for it is writing, not publishing, that
transforms individual human experience. To write, even in obscurity is
worthwhile. As Samuel Becket put it, writing is a way of leaving "a stain upon
the silence."
- It's true!.. Wonderful described and we are listening a kind of the "stain
upon the silence", just here...

AIMS of militarized Mafia USraeli Imperialism... These are the most dangerus
Criminals "actors, actress, maitress" , who blended such dirty affairs... - Do
you explain that in Swedish? - Yep!.. Det finns massa profiler som
villiga, billiga sysslar med sk'tiga jobbet "info-theft" men det finns vissa som
inte alltid deltar ordentligt... - Reason? - Maybe, öhm, för att
kanske "betalningen är inte så lockande den här gången", enligt avslöjandet av
- Tv redaktionen som fått en insändare som innehåller en rad namn, en lång lista
om billiga... - Visst, de är billigare än deras anhöriga som öpppen aktiva på
Malmskillnadsgatan? - Vilka är de som vill sälja sig dyrare?
- Här är den liknande listan, "lite dyra skådespelarnas" listan&&such figures,
so called "any selected Anti-humanists":
- Låt se den kortare listan!..
- I want to explain that the most eager traitorous instruments are the Kurds in
the satellites.. They are most "clever jackals" to steal each others... Watch
this clip, please!

...and the main figures of the Neo-Zionist Kurd Organizers who working for
USraeli aims:
Hüsamettin ASLAN, M. Siddik AVCI, Mümtaz AYDIN, Hüseyin ALDUR, Hawar ACKBLAD,
Nihat AKAR, Nezir AKAT, Üzeyir AL, Ata ALA, Eyüp ALACABEY, Aziz ALIS, Kutbettin
ALIS, Süleyman ALIS, M. Ali ALP, Kovan AMEDI, Mustafa AYDOGAN, Sait AYDOGMUS,
Selim BAKAC, Sükran BAKAL, "Little Brother" Kurdo BAKSI&"Large Syster"
Nalin BAKSI: Z.-A.L.: Kurdo Baksi, Zionist male whore suspect for two mords
in 1985. Baksi been exposed when he was the main pursuer beyond the immigrants
from Middle East and hated Iraqian Arab revolutionaries Majid Hussain and Azad
Jundi. Majid murdered in march 1985 and Azad in june 1985.
Z: Nalin Baksi, Zionist poliotical provocator missioned mostly by the Sosis
capital boss'. During an interview she exposed that in the beginning felt
herself as USraeli Jew. When she came from Batman city to the Swedish society,
so she couldn't answer by phone call, even replied her own name as "Golda Meir"
(sick!..) instead of true name Nalin...
Kemal BURKAY: He don't like direct connections with the dirty lobbies... But
many times, many awful collaboration examples exposed by his party members...
Burkay, as person, has clear and polite principles on Socialism and never asked
for help by the lobbies... He is a person of "independendent characterized"
principles and lead a little group "exiled SP", divided administration settled
(recruited directly) in Stockholm and Paris... But the lobbies are very
generous to support his party members... Although his administration labelled
themselves as "Socialist", actually all these members signed many Fascist
appeals what USrael ordered... This little group joined conferences mostly
against the true revolutionaries...They categorized themselves as "high educated
Kurds", frankly never criticized Imperalism but each. They never tried to use
the opportunities for their own folk although they had good connection with
"professor tittled" actors in capital cities of EU... Maybe the lobbies paying
for these acts

John Evans - 12/21/2003

Trying to reach Ted Yeatman.
Do you have his email address?
John Evans

J.L. Love - 4/19/2003

After reading Mr. Stiles' book, Jesse James- Last Rebel of the Civil War, I've concluded that Mr. Stiles has no credibility as a researcher and is nothing more than a tabloid historian.
Mr. Stiles is nothing more than a propagandist posing as a historian. Although the facts presented in the James biography are correct, he omits more than he printed. He conveniently leaves out the fact that brutal Unionists terrorized Missouri, perpetrating the same outrages that only offend Mr. Stiles' sensibilites when the same acts are committed by Confederates and Southern Partisans.
Mr. Stiles would have put a much different spin on his tale had he been raised in rural Missouri rather than rural Minnesota. The worst of this mess is that readers around the globe will get a distorted and convoluted idea of what caused the war, the conduct of Unionists during and after the war, and the protagonists' motives.
Shame and a pox upon T.J. Stiles. Dr. Dunning would have probably taken a pay cut and taught at a Southern university rather than be associated with the same school as a flack such as Stiles.

J.L. Love - 4/19/2003

After reading Mr. Stiles' book, Jesse James- Last Rebel of the Civil War, I've concluded that Mr. Stiles has no credibility as a researcher and is nothing more than a tabloid historian.
Mr. Stiles is nothing more than a propagandist posing as a historian. Although the facts presented in the James biography are correct, he omits more than he printed. He conveniently leaves out the fact that brutal Unionists terrorized Missouri, perpetrating the same outrages that only offend Mr. Stiles' sensibilites when the same acts are committed by Confederates and Southern Partisans.
Mr. Stiles would have put a much different spin on his tale had he been raised in rural Missouri rather than rural Minnesota. The worst of this mess is that readers around the globe will get a distorted and convoluted idea of what caused the war, the conduct of Unionists during and after the war, and the protagonists' motives.
Shame and a pox upon T.J. Stiles. Dr. Dunning would have probably taken a pay cut and taught at a Southern university rather than be associated with the same school as a flack such as Stiles.

Milton Killen - 2/9/2003

My son-in-Law gave me the T.J. Stiles book as a Christmas Gift. I read with interest and was surprised to find the reference to the robbery at Muscle Shoals and to my Great-Grandfather, Thomas H. Peden. I had heard accounts of this robbery and in fact have a copy of a piece from The Nashville Tennessean Magazine dated February 28, 1971 which tells a story of this episode and that Peden was a witness. There is a table in our family which is said to be one from the "tavern" and at which some or all of these men sat. I often wondered if the tale was factual and if so why Peden waffled a bit, or a lot in recounting it. Was it fear, was it admiration for those " who continued to fight for the 'cause'", I have no clue. Now about Thomas H. Peden and my relationship. His daughter was Jennie who married my Grandfather James Sharp Killen.. At this late date, I am not sure who she was, one story is that she was adopted. She died many years ago and my Father and all his brothers and sisters are dead. I might never know who she really was, I am trying to determine that information. Another unknown is what the H. in Thomas H. Peden's name signifies. One man in the area is a descendent and is trying to determine the name relating to the initial. I don't know a lot about him (Peden). In any event my Grandparents lived in that area (Lauderdale County, Alabama) and had a store for a short period of time, in that store they installed a mail box for people around the community and the town was later named "Killen", it still exists as Killen, Alabama and has a rather sizeable post office. I live in Texas, but was born in Florence, Alabama. I found the book most interesting and have sent it back to my son-in-law to read as he has connections to Missouri.. Mr. Stiles I gather you are associated with the Denver Post, I lived in Longmont for about six years, moving to Texas in January of 1986.. Best wishes,,M. Killen

Ted P. Yeatman - 1/7/2003

I am somewhat limited in my time over the next couple of days, but will try to pick this up on thursday. Meanwhile, a few comments on why I took the focus I did.When I started research on the James brothers the best history was Dr. William Settle's JESSE JAMES WAS HIS NAME. Settle's work had centered its research mainly on sources in Missouri and I was curious about the activity of the brothers and gang in Tennessee. There was a scattered body of materials, but it had never really been put together effectively. I found that no detailed serious research had been done into this period. It took me almost five years just to piece it together, and I was finding materials even after that. As anyone who has researched the topic is aware, there are a lot of gaps in the documentary records. Many local court records no longer exist. In the case of the Cooley cattle swindle I had to piece the story together from some very vague contemporary mentions, and oral history passed down to descendants of people who had roles in the story, such as Nana Cooley, a woman in her 80's, whose father had been slated to go to medical school, but whose education was delayed as a result of Jesse's dealings with her grandfather. It went directly in counterpoint to the fabled story of the widow and the mortgage. Nana Cooley, is now dead, but I managed to tape her. She was very clear headed at the time. Court records in Humpreys County dealing with this had been destroyed in one of the numerous fires down there. The letters I transcribed turned up down there as well. You may be interested to know that they were part of the Lee Pollock collection which was sold to a privately endowed museum which is slated to open in downtown Louisville sometime next year. My own notes and tapes will be going to the State Historical Society of Missouri's Western Historical Collection, eventually.
The history of law enforcement in America really is an area that has been overlooked in the way of serious study. Much of what has been written has been the work of journalists or hack writers. You have whole institutes devoted to the study of military history, but if there is anything similar for law enforcement I am not aware. Much of what people think they know comes off of movies and television. And we see some of the same mistakes being made over and over. The John Bugler and Thomas J. Hunt cases in my book are a matter in point. How many times have we seen on "60 Minutes" or some other news magazine similar episodes of justice gone awry? You might find of interest, Frank R. Prassel's THE WESTERN PEACE OFFICER: A LEGACY OF LAW AND ORDER, published by Oklahoma.
I must move along for now but will return.

Ted P. Yeatman

T.J. Stiles - 1/7/2003

Dear Mr. Yeatman:
I am delighted to read your comments on the points I raised. This is exactly the kind of open, respectful debate that, in my opinion, enhances our understanding of the subject (and does you and your work credit). I think readers will find plenty of food for thought in reading both your comments and mine.

Your opening comments go straight to the heart of the difference between our work ("My book is more in line with what is termed 'Police History'..."). That difference is primarily a matter of approach. In some respects, your book is more narrow than mine; in others, more expansive. For example, your extensive treatment of the life of Frank James after Jesse's assassination, your discussion of the Jesse-James pretenders, and your extensive coverage of the DNA test on Jesse's remains, are all well handled and invaluable.

When it comes to the lifetime of Jesse James (my chosen focus), my book takes a broader and more interpretive look at the context. I did this in the belief that a fresh look at that context is especially necessary to understanding Jesse James because the evidence directly illuminating his life is so limited. As I worked on my book, however, I found myself unsatisfied with what might be termed the standard model of the history of Missouri during the Civil War and Reconstruction. That led me to offer new interpretations of the larger history surrounding Jesse James's life, interpretations which (I believe) better reflect the evidence and also better explain why he became such a prominent figure. I have critically engaged, and often disagreed with, historians who have shaped the existing understanding of the period, including Richard S. Brownlee, William E. Parrish, Michael Fellman, David Thelen, and others.

In your book, that was not your purpose; you set out to track down the facts directly concerning Frank and Jesse James, a task you carried out tirelessly and well. I can no more criticize you for taking that approach than I can criticize you for writing about the James brothers instead of, say, the space program. Indeed, I benefited from your work. But our differences in approach, as much as the differences in the research we conducted, naturally color our different interpretations.

For example, my conviction that Jesse James was highly political in his outlook, and touched on deep political divisions in Missouri, was greatly deepened by my examination of the issue of slavery and the long history of political polarization in the state. The role of the border ruffians in suppressing dissent within Missouri, I believe, was a necessary antecedent to the particularly savage guerrilla war there; the origins of civil strife during the war itself, I find, can be found in the grassroots secessionist paramilitary actions at the outset (growing out of the earlier border-ruffian mobilization), which predated the appearance of Union troops in many areas (though soldiers from other states did indeed exacerbate the violence). This shows that rural Missourians were fully engaged with politics, and did not simply react reflexively to outside influences, such as the appearance of troops from Kansas. I link Unionists' militia experience to the emergence of the Radical party in Clay County and other Little Dixie counties--where there was no basis for such a party before the war--and show how this reflected both a statewide revolution in politics, and a grassroots division of neighbor against neighbor. The repercussions of this run through the life of Jesse James; to cite one small example, the key players in aiding the Pinkertons in 1875 were all old Unionists, and two were Radicals and former militiamen. In some respects, I am breaking new ground in all this; as with any new interpretation, mine will be subject to criticism and close scrutiny, but I have tried to raise important new questions in this area of history, both in the life of the Missouri outlaws and on a much broader scale.

Because of my broader approach to the context, I interpret evidence directly relating to Jesse James differently than you do. First, there is the focus of my book: I wrote a biography of Jesse specifically because he was the public face of the outlaws, the letter-writer and most frequent subject of newspaper editorials. That is, Jesse himself was the key to the political role played by the gang. Second, I think Jesse James's poor education is irrelevant to the question of how political he was. Many, many people with limited education were highly political in this most partisan era; indeed, the Jacksonian revolution in politics reflected the mobilization and triumph of what might be called the unschooled masses. In addition, letters that your book agrees are likely to have been written by Jesse without editing (such as those in the Nashville press in 1875) dwell on politics, and reflect the same views as those of the (likely edited) letters published in Edwards's newspapers. The fact that he may have written about being drunk (in a letter that belongs to a private collector, and is not part of a public archive) hardly cancels that; many people get intoxicated, gamble, and still hold fierce political opinions. Indeed, as your own book notes, the bandits brought up politics and Civil War loyalties during some robberies (the Hot Springs stage robbery, the lunch before the Northfield raid, the moments before the Muscle Shoals raid). Frank later declared that he was happy the robberies had kept Republican immigrants out of Missouri, and Zerelda Samuel frequently denounced the Radicals, particularly Governor Fletcher, and gave a detailed critique of the political candidates of 1876 to the press. If Jesse James was merely an average man of his time, he would have had strong political views; but all of this evidence shows that he was certainly far from average. He craved attention--and, in demanding attention, he wrote (and probably spoke) of politics.

Up to this point in my analysis of Jesse James's political views, you and I may agree--but you find his views "touching." Fair enough. As I note repeatedly in my book, I too think that money itself was always a prime motivation for him. But my broader approach to the context leads me to see more here. My analysis of the split within the Democratic party between Unionist and Confederate wings (a split ultimately dating back to the polarization created by the border ruffian movement, then firmed up by the emergence of the Radical party in the war, which divided the Unionists), led me to take a close look at the editorials and political debate that set the framework for the political role of Jesse James. The press coverage over him was not simply praise by the romantic John Edwards; the Unionist Democratic press and political establishment greatly feared the popularity of the bandits, and made Jesse James a central issue in the fight for supremacy within the party. (Newspapers were explicitly partisan at the time, and largely shaped political debate.) Jesse's demonstrated passions for letter-writing and politics lead me to conclude that he was a partner with John Edwards in his efforts to assert the primacy of the Confederate wing of the party, and not simply a puppet. After all, Edwards did not publish letters from the other outlaws--they were always from Jesse James, who also wrote letters with explicitly political content to newspapers unaffiliated with Edwards. In the same vein, the evidence you cite that Jesse James was merely a criminal (again, I agree that he wanted money first and foremost) dates to the period after the end of Reconstruction. As I note in my book, that was during the last act in his criminal career, an act that was devoid of political content--a factor that contributed to his rapid downfall. Perhaps Jesse James was merely opportunistic in his use of politics up to 1876, but who can say he was not sincere? We don't know what was in his heart, but we have a good idea of his effect, which contributed to the triumph of the Confederate wing of the Democratic Party.

Our difference in approach also appears in our treatment of the historiography. You bring in the works of other historians when they support your viewpoint; I take a more academic approach, and engage in a critical discussion of their work. An example is our different handling of David Thelen's work. You cite him to support your view that anti-railroad feeling was a key factor in support for the outlaws. I critique his analysis, and find that, if there was any anti-railroad sentiment in support for the James-Younger gang, it was tied to Confederate resentments set within the Reconstruction political context.

Also, I examine in detail the concept of social banditry, whereas the phrase does not appear at all, I believe, in your book. Of course, why should it? You didn't write that kind of book, though I am glad to read your thoughts on the subject now. I must disagree with you, however. Though the fact of social banditry may indeed be ancient, the "idea" of social banditry (the very phrase, "social banditry") originated with Eric Hobsbawm, one of the great historians of our time. He is, I note, a Marxist historian--an extraordinarily flexible and innovative one, but still a Marxist. (If I may be allowed an aside, Hobsbawm famously refused to resign from the Communist Party along with most British intellectuals after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.)

That interpretive outlook provides the basis for the social bandit concept. Do you seriously believe that a misunderstanding of British English is the answer to the definition of peasantry? That claim is less a comment on my arguments than it is a trivialization of the theoretical framework from which the social bandit concept emerges. Hobsbawm frames the concept in terms of primitive, prepolitical protest; though he stretches it to apply to non-peasant societies, it is based on the Marxist notion that self-sufficient agriculture ("traditional farming," in the Marxist-influenced interpretation of Thelen) deprives the farmer of contact with the market nexus, which brings classes into conflict and thus gives them consciousness of themselves, and thus leads to politics. The social bandit, in Hobsbawm's definition (and Thelen's application of it with Jesse James), can only be a prepolitical form of protest (Hobsbawm first introduced the concept in a book entitled "Primitive Rebels").

As I show in my book, it is not merely the word "peasantry" that disqualifies the social-bandit concept as an explanation of Jesse James; it is the fact that, even in Marxist terms, the thinking behind the concept does not apply. Agricultural society of western Missouri was far from self-sufficient--indeed, the outlaws' supporters formed the most market-oriented segment of the population, and the fathers of both the James and Younger brothers were rural entrepreneurs. Indeed, nineteenth-century society in the Missouri River counties was highly political, and the public debate over the bandits was explicitly partisan, as they were a point of contention between different parties and between wings of the Democratic Party. Hobsbawm's work is an enormously fruitful point of departure, but, like many grand interpretive schemes, it tends to break down in particular cases, as the rich historiography on banditry around the globe has shown. Jesse James is one of those cases.

In my more academic approach to the historiography, I directly critique not only Hobsbawm, but the important essay by Richard White, the arguments of Michael Fellman, and (in my notes) the writing of Richard Slotkin. I explicitly situate my analysis on the landscape of historical writing on the broader topics of banditry, the Civil War, and Reconstruction politics. Now, you do not engage in this kind of historian-by-historian analysis in your book, because you define your task as a writer differently than I do. Yours is a work of research, not historiographical debate and interpretation. That is not an insult, it is simply the distinction I see between our approaches. Yours is a fine work, and in my notes I repeatedly urge readers to consult it. I hope that everyone who reads this will go out and buy your book. There is plenty of room in the subject for both of our books; in fact, the attention my work has received can only benefit you.

In the classic work, "The Making of the English Working Class," E.P. Thompson famously wrote that he intended to rescue his subjects "from the enormous condescension of posterity." I have tried to make the same effort with regard to Jesse James and his colleagues, who too often have been treated as matters of historical trivia and folklore. The more seriously people take the subject, the more attention your work will receive, and that is all for the best.

We will probably never agree, and we could never settle our disagreements here (a full reading of both books would be necessary!), but I have tried in a respectful manner to describe how I see the differences between our work. Meanwhile, I have enjoyed your book, and I look forward to reading your future publications. I thank you for expressing your views, and I wish you all the best.

--T.J. Stiles

Ted P. Yeatman - 1/7/2003

Mr. Stiles,
Below I have tried to address some of your points. I felt that Dr. Settle's book addressed the political situation, when my book came out, and my book was intended more as a supplement, detailing new information I'd uncovered in 25 years of work. Still, I tried to cover a number of points in both my text and notes, and there may be some overlap. My book is more in line with what is termed "Police History" or law enfocement history, being an account of the case overall.

>Indeed, I would be pleased to see a robust discussion of the interpretations I make in "Jesse James: Last Rebel of >the Civil War." For example, I assert that slavery was a signal influence in the lives of Jesse and Frank James >(slaves formed a majority of the population on their family farm before the Civil War, and comprised much of the >family's wealth). What is the argument against that?

Your information on the position of Robert James in the pre-war Baptist Church controversy over slavery was most enlightening. I did touch some on the religious overtones to the strife [Yeatman, pp. 51-52]The initial conflict in Missouri, ca. 1861, was over secession, the power of the Federal govt. over the state govt.. Lincoln, himself, was not promoting emancipation until 1862, and then only in the seceeded states. Lincoln was portrayed in the pro-Confederate press as having an abolition agenda, though. [See Yeatman, FRANK AND JESSE JAMES: THE STORY BEHIND THE LEGEND, pp, 29-30]

>I argue that the antebellum border-ruffian movement polarized society within Missouri, due to the violent >intolerance of the border-ruffians for Whig Unionists, even if they were slaveholders. Agree or disagree?

This point is open to question. The guerrilla war in Missouri bred a kind of anarchy that tended to blur pre-war political affiliations. If you recall, Cole Younger's father was a Unionist and killed by Union militia. Much of the family property was stolen or burned by Kansas Jayhawkers/Mo. Union militia. Out of a population of 13,037, of whom 26.5% were slaves, more than 1,000 out of around 1,400 votes were cast for the electors of Constitutional Union candidate John Bell. [ Yeatman, pp. 29, 43, 115]. In the 1864 election Clay Co. went for McClellan 777 to 216 for Lincoln and 890 to 90 against the 1865 Drake Constitution and Test Oath [Yeatman, p. 88].
According to a Unionist resident of Smithfield, in northwest Clay Co, in July 1863:

"This part of the county is truly in deplorable condition...we are continually annoyed by "bushwhackers" who are prowling thro the country, annoying and plundering our citizens, without respect to party, and on the other hand, by our own troops, who are sent out as scouts under non-commissioned officers and irresponsible attache's of the army, and whoare continually committing deeds of outrage upon the citizens, withoutrespect to party or authority of the law, that every Union man should be ashamed of.......
If there are bushwhackers in the country, the soldiers should go where they will be most apt to find them, instead of drinking and loitering about the towns and public roads of the neighborhood, - where they are sure not to find them, - insulting and retaliating upon the the citizens, and in many instances upon those who are as innocent of the presence of bushwhackers as they are themselves...
Pillage and plunder and unrestricted cruelty will degrade and render ineffective the best army in the world."
[See Yeatman , p. 34]

>I analyze the emergence of the bushwhacker gangs in Western Missouri, and the subtleties of the various state >militia forces, to argue that the guerrilla war was primarily an internal war, one aimed at remaking the political >landscape at the grassroots (though Union forces from outside the state certainly contributed to the bitterness). I >further argue that the longstanding political divisions resulting from this bitter neighbor-against-neighbor strife >was the essential element in making the James-Younger outlaws politically significant players in Reconstruction >Missouri, though this role also reflected the broad phenomenon of violent resistance to Reconstruction by >Confederate veterans across the South. What are the weaknesses in these arguments?

See above. The guerrilla war was probably nothing planned; like most guerrilla conflicts, it evolved. Different people had different motives for their actions - loot, patriotism, old grudges, new grudges, sociopathology, ignorance, family ties. It was a real can of worms that's often hard to define.The guerrilla war in Missouri took a nasty turn in 1862 when Union authorities took on a policy of "no prisoners". It became a matter of tit for tat. Missouri occupied a position astride the Santa Fe and Oregon trails and was vital in communications and supply of Union posts and hold on the West. [See Yeatman pp. 33-82]
I think they were political pawns during Reconstruction. It probably suited them to keep up the fiction of persecution by the radical Republicans rather than just be ordinary robbers. They needed sympathizers who would be willing to aid and harbor them from the law. This would be more difficult to justify if they were thought of otherwise, as was starting to happen during the post-1879 period. Newspapers were in the business of selling papers, and sensational stories and controversy grabbed readers. Edwards, as mentioned, had authored the Civil War battle reports of Gen. Jo Shelby. Edwards was VERY politically savvy, and intent on becoming a political power broker for the Democrats [Yeatman, p. 104]. I think Jesse and Frank were more interested in card games and fast horses than politics. I cover this over a number of chapters. Very telling is Jesse's comment as related later by "Dick" Liddil re: the Oct. 1879 Gledale robbery. Liddil, a former horse thief, who was only a child when the War was on, is brought to Jesse: "He said he was broke and wanted to make a raise, and wanted me to help him. I agreed.". Bill Ryan used a similar line of thought to recruit Tucker Bassham;
"'What are you plowing for?' Bassham had rsponded that he was supporting his family.
'Damn it, why do you do that? Let's knock off the Pacific track', Ryan urged him. [Yeatman, p. 258]

In both cases their attachment to the "Lost Cause" is touching. Jesse was not averse to robbing Confederate veterans. He pulled in somewhere between $500-$1000, giving Ennis Morrow Cooley, late of Nathan Bedford Forrest's command, a bad check in paymment for a herd of cattle, subsequently sold in the fall of 1878 and also robbed Georgia vet J.E. Craig at the Mammoth Cave stage robbery in Sept. 1880.. [Yeatman, pp. 204-205, 219-220] . "Terrorist" Jesse James offered a bottle of whiskey to Craig and others on the stage, and left it with them after he and Ryan departed.
Last but not least, Jesse's killer, Bob Ford was the son and brother of former Confederate guerrillas who served under Mosby in Virginia. [Yeatman p. 265].

>I discussed the nature of banking under the National Bank Act to show that the outlaws robbed the least unpopular >financial institutions in their communities, at least in economic terms;

I think you did a good job of getting into detail on this. I did bring up some of this in my text on the bank robberies at Liberty, and Huntington, West Va.. {Yeatman, p. 85-86, 154-157]

>I also explored the relationships between the >railroad and express companies to show that the James-Younger bandits did not actually cost railroad >corporations anything, and that the express companies (not the target of agrarian populist discontent) were the real >parties that concerned themselves with the hunt for the outlaws. This butresses my argument that Reconstruction >politics, not economic populism, motivated popular support for the outlaws. Is there a case to be made against that >claim?

The Controversy over railroad bonds was of lingering significance in late 19th century Missouri. It led to something of a tax revolt and ultimately led to a revision of part of the state constitution in 1875 [Yeatman,pp. 101-102, 124-126]

In the case of the Glendale train robbery, the United States Express Company offered a $25,000 reward and The Chicago & Alton RR. offered another $15,000. The express companies paid for space on the trains, and after the Sept. 1881 Winston Train robbery the Missouri Pacific converted a special baggage car "into a regular armory", with "sixteen men each provided with Winchester repeating rifles inside." [Yeatman, pp. 216, 259]. Gov. THomas T. Crittenden and Wabash Railroad attorney Wells H. Blodgett managed to get a group of railroads to ante-up $50,000 in reward money to Gov. Thomas T. Crittenden in the summer of 1881."There was no chance to misinterpret the temper of the meeting, " a participant plater told a reporter. "It was a gathering of men terribly in earnest, and they have showed that they were determined to stop at nothing...until the state has not only been rid ofevery desperado and outlaw, but has established such a reputation that that class of ruffians abroad wouldas soon think of commiting suicide as to undertake such an outrageous crime as that recently perpetrated." [Yeatman, p. 252].

>Though I obviously have never seen manuscript copies of Jesse James's letters, in my book I analyze their content, >bring up testimony from others who knew him, quote his mother and brother, and apply other information to show >that it is highly unlikely that Jesse James was not a strong political partisan, and that he did indeed author at least >a large part of the text attributed to him. What is the case that he authored none of those very political letters?

See my comments about Edwards. I have texts of three letters that I examined and transcribed from copies off the original manuscripts on pp. 205-209 of my book. In one, dated May 18, 1879 Jesse complains of a hangeover ' after drinking so much beer". The letters sent to the Nashville papers in 1875 have the same bad grammar as these and are probably are unaltered. Those published by Edwards are highly suspect. Hopefully I can get Bob Wybrow to drop by and give us his opinions on the matter. On pp. 277-289 of my book I relate how Frank James' surrender, imprisonment and trials were stage-managed by Edwards, including some extensive quotes from letters. Let the readers decide. Edwards had motivation to use Jesse for his own political advantage. The bast I can say is that, without actual letters to go from it's hard to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt.

>I conclude my book by directly confronting the concept of social banditry, Eric Hobsbawm's influential >brainchild, by analyzing its Marxist theoretical components and their applicability (or lack thereof) to Jesse >James and his historical context. I critique the important work of historians Richard White, Michael Fellman, >and others in order to come to a larger understanding of the significance of Jesse James and his comrades.

The idea of social banditry predates Marx. These are archtypes as old as civilization. You might wish to read, THE OUTLAWS OF MEDIEVAL LEGEND. The study of outlawry around the world is a whole discipline within itself and Hobsbawm just scratched the surface. You have to remember that much of this is oral legend passed down until someone bothered to write it down. The tales of Robin Hood, for example, come out of the English Peasant Revolts during the Medieval period and there's some reason to believe they are a composite of earlier tales about other bandits. The legendary idea of a social outlaw is a form of social protest, sort of a vicarious safety valve. Jesse James gets turned into a Robin Hood figure during a time of economic uncertainty, child labor, sweatshops, and non-40 hour work week. During the Depression, Hollywood pomotes the fabled story of Jesse helping the poor widow who is about to lose her farm to the bank. By the way, I believe you misinterpret Hobsbawm's use of the term peasant or peasantry. It's a difference between English English and American English, like water closet for bathroom. You might also wish to look at the latest edition of BANDITS, which clarifies the edition you used.
I think Hobsbawm, when he uses the terms peasant, is speaking of a small farmer of low social standing, the small landholder/dirt farmer. I generally agree with the professors above. It's too bad one or more can't come to this site and weigh-in with their opinions.

>Mr. Yeatman does not concern himself with any of this in his book, though I respect his work and am grateful for >it. Such an engagement with the historiography, however, is at the heart of the scholarly endeavor.

Gee, I thought I did. I invite members of academia and others to look up the citations I give above.

I have to run for now. There is life beyond Jesse James and I wish I had more time to discuss today.

Ted Yeatman

T.J. Stiles - 1/6/2003

As I suspected:
Mr. Spencer is not a critic to be taken seriously. He is unable or unwilling to debate my book, "Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War." At least Mr. Yeatman had something to say about my arguments--but Mr. Spencer simply wants to attack me personally. This is not surprising, as he has campaigned against my work on this website--urging people not to buy my book, posting the only negative review I received in the press, etc. To my knowledge, he has no background as a historian (I know of no publications of his or academic positions he holds), so it's possible that personal attacks are all he can muster. (Of course, I would respect any serious argument by anyone, regardless of background.) However, I'm confused about the source of his agenda against me. Is he a personal friend of Mr. Yeatman's, and so resents the attention my book received? Or is he irritated in some way with the actual content of my book?

If the latter is true, there's no need to attack me personally: All of my sources and reasoning appear in my text or my notes, and I have just provided a list of potentially controversial re-interpretations that I make. Everything can be checked and debated. But that does not matter to someone whose goal is to find some way of discrediting me personally, rather than to advance our knowledge of the historical issues at hand.

If, however, Mr. Spencer is simply passionate about children's books, I can think of other controversies he may be interested in tackling: Was the Very Quiet Cricket really very quiet at all? Are the Wild Things actually Where the Wild Things Are? Does the Little Prince have an authentic royal lineage?

Meanwhile, for the actual historical community, there are plenty of fruitful issues for discussion in my book. Is the use of the word "terrorist" appropriate to a criminal such as Jesse James, even in the carefully limited way I apply it? Does the social-bandit concept apply at all to post-Civil War America? What was the extent and nature of anti-railroad agrarian populism?

My handling of such questions explains why Eric Foner, John Mack Faragher, Paul Johnson, Larry McMurtry, and other leading historians and writers reviewed my book: Whether I'm right or wrong in my arguments, I lift Jesse James out of the realm of folklore and trivia. Indeed, my book is a tribute to Mr. Yeatman's work, by arguing that the subject he has devoted some three decades to is indeed significant, that his research is important. His future publications will benefit from the attention I have helped garner for the subject. And despite our disagreements, I once again salute him.
--T.J. Stiles

Thomas L. Spencer - 1/6/2003

I for got to add this other quote:
" There's no scandal in the difficulty I had in getting the publisher to remove my name from a book."

You say HAD. This indicates it's a closed matter. Now it's ongoing?

Thomas L. Spencer - 1/6/2003

T.J. Stiles posted earlier:

"It was published under my name against my wishes. Chelsea House has long since agreed to remove my name from it. Does anyone really care that I now contradict statements published in a book for children eight years earlier, a book that the publisher agrees is not mine?"

Now he says:

" I would be delighted if Mr. Spencer would like to represent me in my ongoing struggle to get Chelsea House to live up to its longstanding promise to remove my name from the book. I have spent years on this, and I am painfully aware of the fact that this press is again trying to use my name to sell this book on their website."

Children read children's books and grow up believing what they read. I think Mr. Shenkman would not have had to write his books about myths and lies of American History had this not been the case.

T.J. Stiles - 1/6/2003

Mr. Spencer thinks "something looks fishy here." In my view, something looks silly here. The real question is whether he or any other critic is willing to debate my book on its merits, or is only willing to engage in mud-slinging, in hopes of inventing a controversy where none exists.

1) Sadly, I must again note that it is a book for children that so concerns Mr. Spencer (who made himself known earlier as a partisan against my book). I am struck this earnest, and innovative, effort to elevate children's books to the level of serious contributions to historical literature. When I see Eric Foner, Gordon Wood, or Robert Dallek engage in a debate with kids' books, I will remember that the trend began here. Meanwhile, serious historians generally consider children's books to be presentations of generally accepted knowledge in a manner accessible to those with less than an adult reading capacity.

My book, "Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War," is the product of years of intensive primary-source research and in-depth engagement with the existing scholarship on banditry, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, all utterly unrelated to the kids' book in question.

2) I would be delighted if Mr. Spencer would like to represent me in my ongoing struggle to get Chelsea House to live up to its longstanding promise to remove my name from the book. I have spent years on this, and I am painfully aware of the fact that this press is again trying to use my name to sell this book on their website. But, again, how does this relate? On that, no answer is forthcoming. Ten years have passed since I conducted my basic survey of the literature for Chelsea House, long predating any primary-source research that I carried out for my book.

3) Is there a real debate here, or is this mud-throwing all there is to it? In my exchange with Mr. Yeatman, I was very happy to see him eventually move away from how much money he believes I got for my book, or how much attention the media gave it, to a couple of real questions about evidence and interpretations. And so it should be.

Indeed, I would be pleased to see a robust discussion of the interpretations I make in "Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War." For example, I assert that slavery was a signal influence in the lives of Jesse and Frank James (slaves formed a majority of the population on their family farm before the Civil War, and comprised much of the family's wealth). What is the argument against that? I argue that the antebellum border-ruffian movement polarized society within Missouri, due to the violent intolerance of the border-ruffians for Whig Unionists, even if they were slaveholders. Agree or disagree? I analyze the emergence of the bushwhacker gangs in Western Missouri, and the subtleties of the various state militia forces, to argue that the guerrilla war was primarily an internal war, one aimed at remaking the political landscape at the grassroots (though Union forces from outside the state certainly contributed to the bitterness). I further argue that the longstanding political divisions resulting from this bitter neighbor-against-neighbor strife was the essential element in making the James-Younger outlaws politically significant players in Reconstruction Missouri, though this role also reflected the broad phenomenon of violent resistance to Reconstruction by Confederate veterans across the South. What are the weaknesses in these arguments? I conducted new research in the governors' papers and in the National Archives to examine the workings of the Ouster Ordinance and the violent political turmoil of 1866 to show how the transition of bushwhackers to outlaws took place in a hotly political setting. A strong or weak assertion, and why? I discussed the nature of banking under the National Bank Act to show that the outlaws robbed the least unpopular financial institutions in their communities, at least in economic terms; I also explored the relationships between the railroad and express companies to show that the James-Younger bandits did not actually cost railroad corporations anything, and that the express companies (not the target of agrarian populist discontent) were the real parties that concerned themselves with the hunt for the outlaws. This butresses my argument that Reconstruction politics, not economic populism, motivated popular support for the outlaws. Is there a case to be made against that claim? Though I obviously have never seen manuscript copies of Jesse James's letters, in my book I analyze their content, bring up testimony from others who knew him, quote his mother and brother, and apply other information to show that it is highly unlikely that Jesse James was not a strong political partisan, and that he did indeed author at least a large part of the text attributed to him. What is the case that he authored none of those very political letters? I conclude my book by directly confronting the concept of social banditry, Eric Hobsbawm's influential brainchild, by analyzing its Marxist theoretical components and their applicability (or lack thereof) to Jesse James and his historical context. I critique the important work of historians Richard White, Michael Fellman, and others in order to come to a larger understanding of the significance of Jesse James and his comrades.

Mr. Yeatman does not concern himself with any of this in his book, though I respect his work and am grateful for it. Such an engagement with the historiography, however, is at the heart of the scholarly endeavor. It is, in the end, what makes a book on Jesse James significant. Such points as whether the outlaw gang gathered in a body in Mankato in September 1876 must be addressed in a biography, but they are matters of detail for which there will never be definitive answers--only each historian's best judgment based his reading of the evidence. But a grasp of the scholarly literature, an attempt at drawing out the larger meaning and the significance of these people and events--that is what gives a book its power and importance. That is where the real issues are. And there I have met only silence.

Surely Mr. Spencer (who seems to represent Mr. Yeatman's viewpoint very well) and other critics are not afraid of a real debate. Are they?

Thomas L. Spencer - 1/5/2003

Something looks fishy here. Mr. Stiles says that his name had long since been removed from the 1994 Chelsea House book. Go to their web site at and do a search under the author's name. Furthermore, here is something off the copyright web site, and some reviews from various library publications listing Mr. Stiles as author. This is the current copyright registration. Yes, it is a "work for hire", NO, it is still listed under T.J. Stiles. Publishers are normally pretty scrupulous in their legal dealings with all employees, be they mere researchers or authors. It looks odd if they are registering him as author here. Normally authorship of a "work for hire" is worked out in a legal contract by a publisher's legal dept. before something goes to press. Furhermore, it is my understanding that Mr. Stiles vitae as author is in the back of the book, another matter that's odd if he was only a researcher. Mr. Shenkman, enquiring minds would like to know if your staff can get to the bottom of this.

Registration Number: TX-3-959-406 Title: Jesse James / T. J. Stiles ; introductory essay by Vito Perrone. Imprint: New York : Chelsea House Publishers, c1992. Description: 111 p. Series: Chelsea House library of biography Claimant: acChelsea House Publishers (employer for hire) Created: 1992
Published: 6Sep92
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School Library Journal
Gr 6-12-A gripping portrait of one of the most notorious and vicious criminals in U.S. history. At 18, James was to most a feared and hated outlaw, but to others he was a folk hero in the image of Robin Hood. Along with his brother Frank and other renegade soldiers, he formed the ``James Gang,'' which sought to avenge the lost cause of the Confederacy. This man has fascinated readers for a century, and Stiles brings him to life with his poignant style and use of vivid period photographs. While his tone is highly sympathetic to James and the cruel and iniquitous treatment he received at the hands of Union soldiers, he in no way romanticizes or justifies the killer's actions. The legend lives on in this readable biography.- Julie Halverstadt, Douglas Public Library District, Castle Rock, CO

Stiles recounts the details of the life and lore surrounding this notorious outlaw. The son of a slave-holding Baptist minister who died when Jesse was 3, James grew up on the frontier of western Missouri steeped in Southern culture. At 16, he joined the Confederates as a bushwhacker and became an experienced killer, riding with some of the same individuals who later became part of his gang. His career as a bank and train robber spanned some 16 years until his death in 1882 at the hands of one of his own men. Stiles never tries to glorify his subject or engage in postmortem psychoanalysis. He does suggest that James' war experiences embittered him and that some of his victims may have been selected to settle old grudges. Still, the presentation is detached; readers will come away with a chronology of events but very little understanding of James' personality. Several period photos and a bibliography will assist report writers; the treatment of the Civil War from the Southern point of view will make for interesting discussions, too.

Kasper - 1/3/2003

Instead of shooting at each other, they ought to partner up and go out to Hollywierd. The people who made the cartoonish Jesse James movie American Outlaws deserve the shotgun blasts. ; )

jmackk - 12/31/2002

Durn it takes all the fun out of a good academic hairpulling when they end with good wishes. Here I was expecting a shotgun retort with historian gut scattered over yon barn