Spanish poet's remains set to be exhumed

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The world may soon know for sure where Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca rests after fascists executed him in 1936 during Spain's Civil War.

Officials in southern Spain Friday cleared the last legal hurdle to permit exhuming a mass grave site in a village near Granada where Lorca and some other Civil War victims are thought to be buried, CNN partner station CNN+ reported.

The area has been fenced off for weeks as scientists conducted preparatory work. Next Monday (October 19) they are due to erect a large tent over the site so that exhumation can be conducted confidentially, said Andalusia regional government justice councilor Begona Alvarez, CNN+ reported from Granada.

The potential exhumation of Lorca is part of a broader effort in Spain that already has resulted in various mass graves being dug up and could lead to thousands of other Spaniards still thought to be in mass graves.

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