Hitler's Nazi deputy Rudolf Hess memorabilia for sale

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A prescription for a sleeping drug given to Adolf Hitler's Nazi deputy Rudolph Hess when he was a prisoner in the Tower of London is to be sold at auction.

The prescription was made by pharmacist H A Rowe who dispensed the potassium bromide and choral hydrate draught ''with flavouring'' to Hess in 1941.

It refers to 'Herr Rudolph Hess, Deputy Fuhrer, Luftwaffe' who had flown to Britain in an unauthorised attempt to negotiate a peace treaty in the Second World War.

He was captured in Scotland and imprisoned in the Tower for three days and nights in May 1941.

The prescription is from the estate of Mr Rowe and also includes a prescription for a sedative for the last person to be executed in the Tower - German spy Josef Jakobs.

Jakobs' prescription for a sedative, in the name of 'A English Esq', was filled out by H A Rowe the day before the historic execution.

The historic prescriptions will go under the hammer on October 20 at Elreds Auctioneers in Plymouth, Devon,

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