A soup recipe 2000-years-old (Canada)

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An archeologist has discovered an intact 2,000-year-old campsite in Rossdale flats, with enough detail to even guess at the recipe the ancient people used in their soup.

The black circle of ash, scattered bison bone fragments and chipped rock doesn't count as a major scientific discovery, said Gareth Spicer, principal archeologist with Calgary-based Turtle Island Cultural Resource Management. But the site has enough diverse elements to tell a story about the lives of a small group of people who camped by the river for several days.

"You don't get that very often," Spicer said. "All the pieces fell together here. It was purely by luck we didn't backhoe out the entire hearth."

The five-day dig happened last May, a provincial requirement before the area around Epcor's decommissioned power plants can be redeveloped...

... The campsite was found in an open field just across Rossdale Road from Telus Field, about 200 metres northeast of the monument created on a fur-trade era burial ground.

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