Deal gives man accused in Cuban Five spy case reduced sentence

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MIAMI -- A Cuban man originally sentenced to life in prison for spying in the U.S. would instead receive only a 20-year term under an agreement filed in court Friday by federal prosecutors and the man's attorney.

The deal was reached in the case of Antonio Guerrero, one of the so-called Cuban Five convicted in 2001 of espionage conspiracy and other charges. An appeals court last year threw out the sentences of Guerrero and two others as unjustifiably harsh. All five convictions were upheld...

... The Cuban Five, hailed as heroes in Cuba, were part of the ``Wasp Network'' of spies that sought to penetrate U.S. military installations, spy on Cuban exiles and monitor politicians opposed to Cuba's communist regime. At least one of the five was involved in the 1996 downing of three Cuban exile Brothers to the Rescue planes, according to trial testimony.

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