Student investigate U of Maryland slavery ties

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Undergraduates here announced on Friday the findings of their year-long study to uncover the University of Maryland’s slavery ties, discovering no evidence that slaves built or worked at the institution, even though many of its founders were themselves slaveholders.

Students from a two-semester history research course led by Ira Berlin, a prominent slavery scholar, presented the culmination of hours of library and archival research Friday, a 30-page report “Knowing Our History: African American Slavery and the University of Maryland.”

Graduate students at Yale University, a faculty-student group at Brown University and researchers and archivists at several other colleges and universities have, in the last decade or so, begun scouring institutional records for long-forgotten details of ties to slavery. (This reporter, in fact, conducted research about Princeton University for her 2008 senior thesis there.)

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