Chairman Mao museum for sale

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A museum in a Chengdu sidestreet, stuffed to the rafters with Mao memorabilia, has a 75-year-old owner who is seeking to pass it on.

Tucked away on a side-street a few blocks north-west of Chengdu’s central Tianfu square you’ll find Wang Anting’s Little Exhibition. And little it certainly is, as the museum takes up the entirety of Mr Wang’s cluttered and dusty one-room house, with the exhibits piled high on top of each other.

Mr Wang, 75, has been running his exhibition for over 20 years, although recently due to ill health he hasn’t had too much time to devote to cleaning and organising his collection. He shuffles out on two walking sticks to greet me, his hearing aid crackling loudly and echoing every time he speaks. Despite his ailments he still seems full of beans and answers my questions in a broad Sichuan dialect.

Looking at the guest book there seems to have been a stream of Chinese and foreign visitors, with one American admirer so enamoured by the exhibition that he sent a special Chairman Mao T-shirt over from the US as he thought Mr. Wang might like it.

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