Canadian Nobel winners through history

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Willard S. Boyle, a McGill University graduate born in Nova Scotia, was a joint recipient of the 2009 Nobel Physics Prize Tuesday morning in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mr. Boyle, a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., shared the award with two Americans - George E. Smith and Charles K. Kao. In 1966, Mr. Kao figured out how to transmit light over long distances through optical glass fibers, a discovery that made it possible for people to exchange text, music and images around the world within seconds. In 1969, Mr. Boyle and Mr. Smith created the first imaging technology using a digital sensor, a breakthrough for the design of the digital camera.

Stating that the three scientists “helped to shape the foundation of today's networked societies,” the Nobel Foundation named the three scientists the “masters of light” in a statement released Tuesday.

Seventeen other Canadians have won Nobel Prizes since 1923...

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