Polanski arrest could delay 'Tony Blair' film

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One of next year’s most eagerly anticipated films, a star-studded thriller featuring a thinly disguised version of Tony Blair, is in jeopardy because of the arrest of Roman Polanski.

The Oscar-winning director had recently finished filming The Ghost, his adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name starring Pierce Brosnan. But the film is without a musical score and needs sound mixing and extra dialogue before a distributor can be found. With Polanski, who is in Switzerland, awaiting extradition proceedings to the US for having sex with a 13-year-old girl, there are fears that the negative publicity will ruin the film’s chances at the box office.

Polanski co-wrote the script with the book’s author Robert Harris.

Sources on the production of The Ghost, about a British prime minister facing indictment for war crimes, played by Brosnan, told The Times that they were determined to complete the final steps of the production process.

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