Undisturbed Bronze Age crypt found in Syria

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The crypt 3,500-year-old tomb contains a significant number of artefacts, as well as human bones.

The team, led by Professor Peter Pfälzner from the University of Tübingen, and Dr. Michel al-Maqdissi, Director of Excavations at the Directorate General of Antiquities in Damascus, had already discovered a royal burial chamber undisturbed by grave robbers under the palace back in 2002.

This latest crypt, discovered during excavation of the northwestern wing of the palace consists of a front chamber and a grave chamber and is 4.90 by 6.30 metres large, according to a statement from the university.

Thirty skulls within suggest that a corresponding number of people were buried there, and bones stacked in groups among splinters of wood may indicate a secondary burial, the statement said.

Ceramic and well-preserved stone vessels of granite and alabaster, along with gold jewellery and other artefacts were also within the crypt. The team also found a small sculpture of a monkey holding a vessel used for cosmetics and an ivory human statuette.

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