Roman well found in highway roadwork (Nottingham, UK)

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A ROMAN well has been unearthed near Bingham during work to dual the A46.

A heritage group is now campaigning for the historic site to be dismantled stone by stone and re-erected in the town to prevent it being demolished by bulldozers.

Peter Allen, chairman of the Bingham Heritage Trails Association, said: "We've got a great deal of information about the Roman occupation in Bingham and absolutely nothing is visible, it's all under ploughed fields.

"People can know it and read about it but they can't see anything that's Roman in origin – there's nothing at all here.

"If we could get this one little thing which was Roman and put it on display it will give people a sense of reality about the existence of the Romans in Bingham."

The Highways Agency has confirmed it is investigating the possibility of moving the well, which is near the Margidunum Island, a known Roman site north of the town, at the junction with the A6097.

A spokeswoman said: "We need approval from English Heritage and also Notts County Council before any discussions can take place."

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