Vikings 'were warned to avoid Scotland'

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Scotland is full of dangerous natives who speak an incomprehensible language and the weather is awful. That was the verdict of a series of 13th century Viking travel guides that warned voyagers to visit at their peril.

The medieval chronicles, set down on yellowed calf vellum eight centuries ago, describe Scotland – or Skotland, as it was known – as an unwelcome and inhospitable country offering rewards only to the bold.

The chronicles have been interpreted by Gisli Sigurdsson, a historian at Reykjavik University, who believes the sagas – part fiction, part fact – reveal how the ancient Norse were far from the fearless pirates of legend.

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Vernon Clayson - 9/23/2009

Why is this considered as odd, they should have asked the Romans about the wisdom of encountering the people of Scotland. Hadrian chose to build a wall to separate them from his Roman Legions.