Lawrence of Arabia letters discovered

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The correspondence from the First World War hero of the Arab revolt are to his financier Robin Buxton and he writes of his love of motorbikes that was eventually to kill him.

Speaking about one of his machines, he wrote: "It's a heavenly bike, goes like smoke and is as smooth as milk to ride."

Buxton financed T.E. Lawrence's seminal work The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and the letters include the author asking about how he can obtain more money.

Scholars and historians will be keen to view the letters as they shed new light on the publication of his opus.

In the correspondence Lawrecne also mentions George Bernard Shaw, whose surname he later used when attempted to "lie fallow" in the military.

The letters came from the collection of the late Sir Michael Newton, but were lost and it was assumed they had been burned on a fire along with his unwanted papers.

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