Islam can't be compared with Nazi Germany

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The Dutch right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders has criticised Barack Obama's attempts to establish dialogue with the Islamic world. He compares the US president's tactics with the appeasement policy of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain towards the Nazis in 1938. An absurd comparison, the tabloid De Telegraaf complains: "The dangers of fundamentalist Islam are real. But they are not to be compared with the threat of a heavily armed fascist country like Nazi Germany in the 1930s. That Obama wants to make a new beginning with the Muslim world has nothing to do with 'holding hands'. It's a well-thought-out strategy which follows the often imprudent approach of his predecessor [George W.] Bush. Obama and his numerous advisers are not infallible, but they are well aware of what's going on in the world."

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John D. Beatty - 9/16/2009

So, a heavily armed fascist global group, with a tradition of extirpating all those who disagree with them that goes back centuries, is incomparable to a heavily armed fascist country that rose in power over the course of a few decades and who in 12 years eliminated about 11 million?

I'd agree with that. Radical Islam is WAY worse.