Canterbury Cathedral repaired with duct tape

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Experts warn that parts of the cathedral are "falling down" and that the building as a whole is "in serious jeopardy".

A fifth of the structure's internal marble pillars are currently held together by duct tape.

In July, masonry around the Great South Window fell out, forcing the authorities to fence off the area around the window and south entrance to protect the public.

There are fears that the fourteenth century window, which is 80ft tall, could collapse unless work is carried out immediately. It is estimated that the repairs for this alone will cost at least £500,000 and could take up to 12 months, delaying other projects.

"Bits of the cathedral are falling down," said Chris McWilliams, a cathedral spokesman.

"There are very urgent structural issues. It is in serious jeopardy. We have to act quickly if we don't want to have a ruin there."

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