Google Ignores 9/11 as Other Search Engines Commemorate Solemn Anniversary

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Google is well known for the clever logos it often drapes over its home page on holidays and some anniversaries, such as the Internet behemoth's own birthday.

But on the solemn eighth anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, while rivals including and Microsoft's offered prominent commemoration displays, it was just another day for the biggest search engine of them all.

Whereas Google made special note when Luciano Pavarotti died, the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in history went unnoticed.

On Friday,'s home page appeared with an image of the Tribute in Light, the towering memorial that beams up from lower Manhattan each year in September. offered an old image of downtown Manhattan with the Twin Towers faintly perceptible, presented "In Loving Memory," as a small link at the page's bottom says.

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Jonathan Dresner - 9/16/2009

In short, yes. HNN's breaking news feed is intended to give readers a wide view of the invocations and discussions about history in all kinds of media. It's not a recommendation, merely part of a collection.

Joel Rosenblum - 9/16/2009

Simply because they misleadingly use the word "history" in their article?