History in danger as only 30% of pupils take subject at GCSE (UK)

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History in schools is under threat as thousands of children drop the subject at the age of 13.

Three out of ten schools no longer teach history as a stand-alone subject for Key Stage 3, despite it being a compulsory part of the curriculum.

One school admitted that it taught the whole of the three-year course in just 38 hours - about one hour a week for one school year.

The 'national scandal' was highlighted yesterday by a survey that found just 30 per cent of pupils studied history for GCSE.

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Elizabeth Cregan - 9/15/2009

I am beyond appalled at the idea of my child not having History in school. Over the years I have found that knowledge of history is the number one, key tool one can have in being a well informed citizen and voter. Knowing, not only what made this country, how it has functioned historically on a global scale, but also how the world has functioned historically is probably the most important thing we need to know.

I understnad that history may not repeat itself, but every day, we as a collective group of humans, seem to.

Perhaps we shouldl consider the fact that it is not history itself that we do not need, but the manner in which is taught my require some tweaking. History needs to be presented as an applied science of sorts, not a year's worth of rote memorization. I am working on becoming a secondary history teacher, and I am praying I will be able to pass on the realization of teh importance of the subject to my sudents. I actually consider the realization of the fact more important than the subject itself, considering the current view of it. SOOOO ANGRY!