GOP poll: Obama's health care reform less popular than Clinton's

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President Barack Obama’s health care reform plan is facing even more public skepticism than President Bill Clinton’s health care proposals did in 1994, according to a poll released this week.

The telephone survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm, found that 37 percent of Americans are opposed to the Obama plan compared with 25 percent who favor it.

In June of 1994 — just a few months before a White House-led health care reform push effectively died on Capitol Hill — 35 percent of Americans said they opposed the Clinton administration’s plan while 23 percent favored it, according to a survey taken in June of 1994 by the same firm.

But in 1994 as well as now, the polls showed that large numbers of Americans remain undecided about health care reform. Fifteen years ago, 42 percent of those surveyed said they had no opinion about Clinton’s plan and this August, 37 percent also had no opinion about Obama’s proposal.

The recent Public Opinion Strategies Poll surveyed 800 registered voters Aug. 11-13 and has a 3.5 percentage point margin of error. The poll asked about Obama’s plan, but in reality, there are several versions of health care reform currently working their way through Congress while Obama has been content to lay out broad guidelines for reform.

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