DNA evidence implicates ex-RAF terrorist Becker in Buback murder

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The Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe revealed that genetic material unmistakably belonging to Becker had been found on several envelopes of letters claiming responsibility for the attack on April 7, 1977.

The assassination of Siegfried Buback, a strong opponent of the left-wing extremist terrorist group, marked the beginning of a wave of terrorist acts by the RAF in their radical opposition to the West German government. It remained one of the highest-profile political killings carried out by the RAF throughout the militant group's campaign.

Buback, his driver Wolfgang Goebel, and Georg Wurster, a court officer, were all shot dead on the way to the court house in Karlsruhe. A motorcycle pulled up to Buback's Mercedes when it stopped at a traffic light, and a passenger on the back opened fire with an automatic weapon.

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