U.S. Orders Deportation of Ex-Militant in Irish Republican Army

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A former militant in the Irish Republican Army who lived in the United States for 25 years before being detained last year by the Border Patrol is scheduled to be deported this week to Ireland.

The former militant, Pol Brennan, 56, has spent 17 months in immigration detention centers while fighting deportation. His lawyers had appealed to the Homeland Security Department in May for a stay of removal and deferred action...

... Mr. Brennan testified at a hearing in November in the Willacy County Detention Center that he transported what he believed were explosives between drop-off points in Belfast for the Irish Republican Army about six times. It was on one of those runs in 1976 that he was arrested and sentenced to 16 years in The Maze prison, from which he escaped with 37 others in 1983. Mr. Brennan said that while he supported the I.R.A., he was not a sworn member of the group.

The federal government was familiar with Mr. Brennan’s past but consistently renewed his work permits. It was only when he essentially fell into their laps with an expired work permit that immigration authorities acted...

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