Nazi fugitive 'Dr Death' Aribert Heim identified in Egypt by briefcase contents

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The contents of a briefcase belonging to a German who lived for years under an alias in an Egyptian hotel prove he was a fugitive Nazi war criminal known as "Dr Death", police say.

A German police statement said handwriting found on documents in the case was that of Dr Aribert Heim, accused of killing and performing experiments on inmates of concentration camps during the Second World War.

Analysis of dust showed the briefcase had been in North Africa for a number of years, the statement added.

Earlier this year, Heim's family said he had died in Cairo in 1992, thirty years after going on the run from his home in Baden-Baden when he was about to be arrested. They said he had converted to Islam, changed his name to Tarek Hussein Farid and spent the last decade of his life in the Kasr el Madina Hotel.

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