Police Confirm Briefcase in Cairo Link to Fugitive Nazi

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The German police confirmed Thursday that a briefcase filled with documents discovered in Cairo belonged to the Nazi fugitive and concentration camp doctor Aribert Ferdinand Heim. The police could not confirm that he had died in Egypt in 1992 as witnesses there and in Germany said.

Experts working for the police in the German state of Baden-Württemberg found evidence showing that the bag and the papers inside it, including personal letters, financial documents and medical records, must have been in a North African country for many years...

...Dr. Heim was accused of killing inmates at the concentration camp of Mauthausen in grisly fashion by performing unnecessary fatal operations on prisoners without anesthesia and injecting poison, including gasoline, into the hearts of others.

He took the name Tarek Hussein Farid after converting to Islam, according to witnesses and documents found in the briefcase. Officials in Cairo issued a certified copy of a death certificate under that name, but according to the statement, the police have been unable to confirm that it is one and the same person. German investigators have not had the opportunity to question witnesses in Egypt.

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