Germany helps protect Iraqi antiquities

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(Translation from Nakhla News)

Today under the auspiciousness of the Iraqi Ministerial Cabinet, agreement was signed between the German Federal Republic and the Government of the Republic of Iraq to co-operate in the fields of archaeological research, the conservation of human heritage, which was initiated announcing the protection of antiquities and heritage. Present at the ceremony were, Mr. Ali Muhsin Al-”Allaq Director of the Cabinet Office, Mr Mahir al-Hadithi Minister of Culture, Dr. Qahtan al-Jobouri Minister Tourism and Antiquities and Dr. Farhad Ni’mat-allah Deputy Director of the Cabinet Office, in addition to Mr. Muhammad al-Tamimi chairman of the archaeological reservation Committee initiated by the Prime Minister. Mr. Qais Hussein Rasheed Chairman of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage expressed his thanks to Mr. Christof Weil ( Spelling? it is written in Arabic only) the German Ambassador for the support offered by Germany to protect the heritage of Iraq which is part of the human legacy, and the German initiative of redesigning one hall in the Iraq Museum. The German Ambassador expressed his government’s wish of increasing the ties with the Iraq Government in the fields of cultural exchange of specialists, the universities the Museums and the conservation of antiquities, especially after the visit of the German Foreign Minister, which signifies a new phase for co-operation between the two countries.

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