Former German officer found guilty of killing Italian civilians in WWII

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90-year-old former German army officer was convicted Tuesday of ordering the reprisal killings of 10 Italian civilians who were herded into a barn that was blown up. The Munich state court convicted World War II veteran Josef Scheungraber on 10 counts of murder and one of attempted murder, and sentenced him to life in prison. His lawyer said he would appeal.

Scheungraber was a 25-year-old Wehrmacht lieutenant during the June 1944 killings in Falzano di Cortona, near the Tuscan town of Arezzo.

The court ruled that, after partisans had killed two German soldiers, Scheungraber ordered 11 civilians to be herded into a barn that was then destroyed. One teenage boy survived the blast.

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Donald Wolberg - 8/11/2009

The horror of WWII and the actions of the Germans, Japanese (Nanking and more), and the European fascist allies of the Nazis can never be forgotten. The life this person had was denied to the Italian citizens he killed. The decades he survived were denied those Italians and can never be repaid. Justice may have been delayed, but Justice has finally arrived.