13 ancient burial sites, temples unearthed in Lebanon

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Valuable archaeological ruins recently uncovered in Sidon proved to be the missing link in the city’s historic legacy. This week, the British Museum delegation uncovered this year 13 burial sites, temples and personal items dating to the Canaanite period in the coastal city’s Freres archeological site. “We uncovered the biggest number of ruins this year and this helped complete the cycle of historic periods discovered in the site,” said head of the British Museum delegation Dr. Claude Doumit Serhal.

The delegation consists of a team of 90 Lebanese and foreign professionals and has been excavating the coastal city’s site for eleven years in collaboration with General Directorate of Antiquities.

“What is remarkable about this week’s discovery is that it reveals the religious rituals and lifestyle during the Canaanite period” said Serhal. “The site, unlike any other in Lebanon, showed the clear succession of historic periods in Sidon.”...

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