Chabad Renews Effort to Make Senior Nazi a Righteous Gentile

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The Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic movement renewed its efforts on Monday to obtain "righteous gentile" status from the Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial institute for a senior Nazi who saved Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Schneerson, the movement's leader during World War II.

The effort was based on new information revealed by historian Danny Orbach that Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the commander of German intelligence, smuggled the rabbi and hundreds of other Jews out of the Third Reich without monetary or other benefit and at risk to his own life and the lives of family members.

Canaris aide Hans von Dohnanyi, who acted on Canaris's behalf, was named a righteous gentile in 2003. However, Yad Vashem has rejected Chabad's efforts on behalf of Canaris, claiming he was indirectly responsible for Jewish deaths in his high-ranking capacity.

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