German neo-Nazi 'youth camp' shut down

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An effort by one of Germany's leading Holocaust deniers to set up a neo-Nazi "youth camp" in a rural hotel has been scotched by a court decision to have the neo-Nazis thrown out.

The court in Lower Saxony cleared the way for the debt-ridden hotel's receiver to evict the neo-Nazis, who had been occupying the premises amid a tense standoff with police and local anti-Nazi protesters.

Hours before the decision, German commandos had raided the hotel after hearing what they thought to be gunshots.

The court decision came as the far-right Collegium Humanum organisation prepared to appeal to the federal court on Wednesday to have its ban overturned.

Germany's Interior Ministry outlawed the 46-year-old group last year on the grounds that it opposed the German constitution, denied the Holocaust and glorified National Socialism.

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