German Jew sent to Britain as schoolboy set to testify at Nazi war crimes trial

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A German Jew sent to Britain as a schoolboy to escape Hitler's gas chambers is to be a witness for the prosecution at what is expected to be the last great Nazi war crimes trial.

Kurt Gutmann, 82, has been chosen as one of a handful of co-plaintiffs who will testify against John Demjanjuk, who is accused of taking part in the murders of 27,900 people at the Sobibor extermination camp in occupied Poland.

Kurt’s brother Hans and his mother Jeanette died there in 1942, two of 250,000 Jews killed at the camp.

'It is the last thing I wish for,' said Kurt, a former translator who now lives in Berlin.

'Perhaps I don’t have much more time. But I still want to experience one more thing: just punishment for John Demjanjuk.'

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