Forgotten soldiers of Cyprus campaign will get memorial at last

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Almost 400 British servicemen killed by guerillas in Cyprus in the 1950s are finally to be honoured after Telegraph readers helped raise £80,000 to build a memorial to them.

A monument bearing the names of all 371 soldiers, sailors and airmen killed during four years of bloodshed will be unveiled on Remembrance Day in a military cemetery on the island.

The vast majority of those who died at the hands of Greek-Cypriot terrorists were young men carrying out National Service, some of the last British conscripts to lose their lives in service of their country, but their sacrifice had remained largely unrecognised for 50 years.

The campaign for a memorial to them was highlighted in The Daily Telegraph in April, and drew a magnificent response from readers, whose generosity has enabled the British Cyprus Memorial Trust to press ahead with its plans.

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Donald Wolberg - 8/5/2009

One wonders if the familes of thse fallen British soldiers remain to appreciate their sacrifice.