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  • Originally published 03/22/2018

    Fighting Words

    Sean Wilentz

    No, “liberal” and “progressive” aren’t synonyms. They have completely different histories—and the differences matter.

  • Originally published 01/12/2016

    More ‘Progressive’ Than Thou

    Beverly Gage

    When Washington reformers became ‘liberals,’ ‘progressives’ in turn became more radical.

  • Originally published 06/30/2015

    Liberals have reason to rejoice

    Julian Zelizer

    But they should still not be sanguine. They shouldn't go too far in thinking that the nation is all of a sudden trending to the left.

  • Originally published 12/30/2017

    Arcing Toward Equality in 2017

    Steve Hochstadt

    American liberals have been thrown into despair in 2017 by the new nastiness of American politics. But behind the headlines, our country has been evolving in directions that liberals could find encouraging.