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Obama legacy

  • Originally published 01/20/2017

    Where It All Went Wrong

    Max Boot

    Wary of repeating what he perceived to be Bush’s mistake of over-interventionism, Obama instead veered toward extreme non-interventionism, with the exception of Libya and Afghanistan, where he imposed such severe limitations on American action that it made success impossible to achieve.

  • Originally published 01/19/2017

    How Will Obama Be Graded By History?

    While the public’s rankings may be fickle, it turns out that presidential approval ratings do a reasonably good job of suggesting where presidents rank in the longer term.

  • Originally published 01/02/2017

    Obama never understood how history works

    David Greenberg

    Obama's Syria legacy won't be the only factor shaping how posterity regards his foreign policy. The uneven efforts to wind down the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the still-controversial Iran nuclear deal, the opening to Cuba, the weakening of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, the struggles to revive peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians - these add up to a mixed and complicated recor.

  • Originally published 12/21/2016

    Obama's failed foreign policy

    Gil Troy

    ''The outgoing US president has spawned a callow, cowardly series of leadership miscarriages that bullied friends and empowered enemies.''

  • Originally published 12/15/2016

    Partisan Divide Colors Obama's Place In History

    As President Obama prepares to leave office, 45 percent of Americans think he'll be remembered as an outstanding or above-average president, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

  • Originally published 01/18/2015

    No, Obama Is Not Black Jesus

    Harvey J. Kaye

    What one thing should historians have told Obama he needed to know when he met with them at the outset of his presidency?