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Hillary Clinton

  • Originally published 05/09/2017

    Why did Trump win?

    More whites — and fewer blacks — actually voted.

  • Originally published 11/15/2016

    SNL’s Shakespearean Moment

    Samuel Joeckel

    Kate McKinnon’s unexpectedly profound interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

  • Originally published 11/11/2016

    Don’t Blame Hillary Clinton

    Allan J. Lichtman

    The historian who predicted Trump’s victory says Democrats need to revamp their party by adopting Bernie Sanders’s approach (but not on trade).

  • Originally published 11/10/2016

    The Day After Failing to Make History

    Alex Penler

    One day there will be a little girl who will grow up to be President of the United States and one day she'll be the one in the Smithsonian's presidency exhibit.

  • Originally published 11/08/2016

    Hillary Clinton’s Journey—and Ours

    Eleanor Clift

    They’ve talked about a woman president for 60 years. She was supposed to be perfect. Hillary isn’t that. But she’s the one who made it—she must have something.

  • Originally published 11/04/2016

    Who Will Win?

    Ronald L. Feinman

    It will be Hillary with a rock solid Electoral College majority (352 to 186). Here are the states she’ll win.

  • Originally published 11/02/2016

    Clinton camp questions FBI release of Marc Rich pardon files

    The Clinton campaign, which is already at odds with FBI Director James Comey over his disclosure of new evidence in the Clinton email probe, immediately questioned why Clinton-related records were being released just a week before the election.

  • Originally published 09/29/2016

    Frontline does Trump & Clinton

    FRONTLINE goes behind the headlines to investigate what has shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — where they came from, how they lead and why they want one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.

  • Originally published 09/23/2016

    The Myth of a Democratic Electoral Lock

    Jeff Greenfield

    It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans though they had much of the country stitched up. Then a Clinton came along and that changed, fast.

  • Originally published 09/20/2016

    There’s No Debate

    Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

    The candidates and the media have thoroughly corrupted the presidential debates. Our democracy deserves better. There's still time for a change.

  • Originally published 09/20/2016

    How Much Latent Sexism Is Out There?

    Ellen Fitzpatrick

    For much of the twentieth century, that opposition remained robust, with some 40 percent of Americans polled affirming as late as 1969 that they would not vote for a woman President.

  • Originally published 09/19/2016

    Are we in for an October Surprise?

    Julian Zelizer

    On the rare occasions when October Surprises have happened, they have not really impacted the outcome of the election.

  • Originally published 09/19/2016

    The Impact of Debates? It's Debatable

    A review of data since 1960 suggests that past debates have almost never directly and measurably changed the candidates' relative standings.

  • Originally published 09/16/2016

    When Donald Meets Hillary

    James Fallows

    Who will win the debates? Trump’s approach was an important part of his strength in the primaries. But will it work when he faces Clinton onstage?

  • Originally published 08/28/2016

    Living in LBJ’s America

    Kevin Baker

    How two of his least celebrated accomplishments shaped the battle between Clinton and Trump.

  • Originally published 08/27/2016

    CIA reveals its secret briefings to Presidents Nixon and Ford

    Tim Naftali

    For years the CIA shielded from public view every single one of the briefings that it produces daily for the president's eyes only, arguing that even letting go one 50-year old briefing could harm national security.

  • Originally published 08/02/2016

    A Tale of Two Conventions

    Jill Lepore

    The spectacles in Cleveland and Philadelphia both came down to a question as old as the Republic: who are the people and who speaks for them?

  • Originally published 07/30/2016

    The Last Election of the Sixties

    Leonard Steinhorn

    The Trump constituency wants its America back, and this may be the last election in which the backlash that began in the Sixties will have an opportunity to win.

  • Originally published 06/23/2016

    The Woman Card

    Jill Lepore

    How feminism and antifeminism created Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • Originally published 06/09/2016

    Gender and the Presidency: A Look Through Polling History

    According to Gallup's polling of the issue, in 1975, 73 percent of voters said they would support a female nominee of their own party, compared to almost a quarter - 23 percent - who said they would not. In 1969, it was 53 percent to 40 percent.

  • Originally published 05/27/2016

    Did Blacks Really Endorse the 1994 Crime Bill?

    Elizabeth Hinton, Julilly Kohler-Hausmann and Vesla M. Weaver

    There’s no question that by the early 1990s, blacks wanted an immediate response to the crime, violence and drug markets in their communities. But even at the time, many were asking for something different from the crime bill.

  • Originally published 04/26/2016

    African-American Voters Have an Understandable Reason to Support Hillary Clinton

    Eric Foner

    “[F]or black Carolinians, the challenge today seems to be holding on to gains that are under assault rather than seeking further progress. It is not surprising that voters in this situation prefer a familiar candidate who seems to promise progress, even if incremental, rather than a lesser-known insurgent from a virtually all-white state with a sweeping but seemingly utopian agenda."

  • Originally published 04/14/2016

    The Sovereignty of Women

    Jill Lepore

    What can be expected in the way of attacks on the legitimacy of a female ruler?

  • Originally published 03/15/2016

    US Presidential race: the feminist generation gap

    Ruth Rosen

    Why is there strong support for Bernie Sanders from young feminists and a tepid response to Hillary Rodham Clinton, a lifelong feminist? Why has a feminist generational gap emerged in 2016?

  • Originally published 02/22/2016

    Hillary Clinton and the Perils of Authenticity

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    Clinton’s own generation made personal honesty and authenticity into a sine qua non for politics itself. And now it’s coming around to haunt Clinton, especially among voters in the generations after hers.

  • Originally published 11/19/2015

    Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion.

    A Washington Post investigation reveals how Bill and Hillary Clinton have methodically cultivated donors over 40 years, from Little Rock to Washington and then across the globe. Their fundraising methods have created a new blueprint for politicians and their donors.

  • Originally published 11/16/2015

    A third-term Democrat? Hillary Clinton battles history

    Hillary Clinton likes to tell voters what she’s not doing: running for President Obama’s third term. That’s to downplay what she is doing: asking voters to pick a Democrat to occupy the Oval Office for 12 consecutive years.

  • Originally published 11/03/2015

    Can Government Function Without Privacy?

    Lawrence Cappello

    The release of Hillary Clinton’s emails signals a sharp break from the confidentiality traditionally afforded to top officials.

  • Originally published 10/14/2015

    The real reason Hillary Clinton won the debate: optimism

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    Where Bernie Sanders was sour and dour, Clinton projected a sense of confidence in America's future. And when it comes to electing people for the White House, American prefer sunnier dispositions to darker ones.

  • Originally published 02/26/2015

    The Warmongering Record of Hillary Clinton

    Gary Leupp

    Clinton’s record of her tenure in the State Department is entitled Hard Choices, but it has never been hard for Hillary to choose brute force in the service of U.S. imperialism and its controlling 1%.

  • Originally published 06/17/2014

    The Hillary Tapes

    Clinton tells of defense of child rapist in newly unearthed recordings.

  • Originally published 11/03/2013

    Is the Arab World Shifting to Russia?

    Juan Cole

    In the 1960s, America competed with the Soviet Union for influence in the Arab world. Is it back to the future for diplomacy in the Middle East?

  • Originally published 08/09/2013

    Hey, Reince, Lay Off NBC and CNN for the Hillary Movies

    Robert Brent Toplin

    Credit: Wiki Commons.Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, recently told NBC and CNN television executives that he would request that his party shut the two networks out of the GOP’s presidential debates during the 2016 primary race. Priebus issued the threat because NBC had a drama in production about Hillary Clinton and CNN planned to release a documentary film about her. The GOP chairman pointed out that Mrs. Clinton was the Democrats’ likely candidate for president in 2016. By depicting her life and activities, these movies might bolster Mrs. Clinton’s fortunes in the next presidential race. Others, including several GOP state party chairmen, warned that the two film productions could influence voters. They stressed that television networks with reputations for objectivity should not sponsor films that masquerade as unbiased productions.

  • Originally published 04/23/2013

    Keli Goff: Do We Need Any More Clintons or Bushes?

    Keli Goff is The Root's political correspondent. Follow her on Twitter.(The Root) -- Largely overlooked amid the wall-to-wall coverage of the Boston terror attacks was some intriguing and potentially important political news. Former President George W. Bush weighed in on speculation regarding his brother former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's presidential prospects, saying that he hopes his sibling runs for the nation's highest office in 2016.If Bush runs, it is unlikely that he will be the only familiar name on the ballot. It is widely believed that former first lady-turned-Senator-turned-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also run. This means that regardless of political party, the White House could soon be occupied by a familiar name and family. 2016 might just end up feeling a bit like a flashback from A Christmas Carol -- except, instead of all of us taking a stroll down memory lane to revisit Christmases past, we'll be visiting elections past.Here's a question for American voters: Are political dynasties actually good for America? 

  • Originally published 01/24/2013

    Brent Budowsky: Hillary Turns Texas Blue

    Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Bill Alexander, then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics. He can be read on The Hill’s Pundits Blog and reached at brentbbi@webtv.net.The Lone Star State is headed blue — the only question is WHEN Texas becomes a Democratic state. If Hillary Clinton runs for president, she will have a fighting chance of carrying Texas, which shares revolutionary demographic trends rewriting the rules of politics, and of creating opportunities for Democrats to regain control of the House and achieve a national realignment of Rooseveltian magnitude.