• Ken Burns's Documentary Shows We Can't Quit Ali

    by Jay Caspian Kang

    "The odd thing about American sainthood is that we seem to prefer those who, like Ali and Jackie Robinson, did not engage directly in the dirty world of politics, but rather stood as trailblazers or icons in sports or Hollywood."

  • Ken Burns Argues He's not "Taking Up Too Much Space"

    The documentarian joins Kara Swisher's "Sway" podcast, focusing on how digital technology is changing the practice of reconstructing the past and whether Burns's films are taking too much airtime as PBS seeks to diversify its stable of producers. 

  • Goin' Back to T-Town

    PBS's American Experience is offering online viewing of its 1993 documentary on the Greenwood district of Tulsa and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. 

  • "The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: A Photographic History"

    Historian Karlos K. Hill discusses his new book, a compilation of photographs of the Greenwood section of Tulsa before, during, and after the 1921 racist pogrom against the "Black Wall Street." 

  • Urban Democracy's Documentarian

    Frederick Wiseman's documentaries valorize not only the institutions but the labor that makes local government function against the odds. 

  • Confronting the Living History of the Civil Rights Struggle (Video)

    by André Robert Lee

    In this video, we meet Sylvester, a man born and raised in the same town where Emmett Till was tortured and lynched. His story, his connection to the land and the people, and his recollection of that fateful event compels us to bear witness.